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Affordable Accommodations with Functional Amenities

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When you enrol in a university abroad, the quest for ideal and affordable student accommodation happens to be your next step. Functional amenities are the signs of ideal Huddersfield accommodations.

In Huddersfield, there is no shortage of affordable accommodations in functional amenities. Huddersfield is a city in West Yorkshire, England, where plenty of international students visit to get higher education. The University of Huddersfield is the university located in this city, which hosts several international students apart from domestic students.

So, it will be significant to explore some affordable accommodations with functional amenities available in Huddersfield. Below, you will read about some off-campus student housing properties in Huddersfield.

Firth Point

Firth Point Huddersfield is located within just 9 minutes of walking distance from the University of Huddersfield. It offers ensuite rooms at very low prices for students with a limited budget or for those who don’t want to spend high on accommodation. You can get a room at just £92 or £98 per week here.

This private student accommodation Huddersfield comprises a study desk and chair for your studies with full focus and comfort. You also get a television in Firth Point for your entertainment and news. A Wi-Fi internet connection is provided to every student residing here.

Wardrobes and other storage spaces are also provided in these student apartments in Huddersfield. A laundry room is also here to eliminate the tension of the students to get their clothes washed.

Social events are also organized here so you can get introduced to other residents of the property.

Saw Mill

You can reach the University of Huddersfield for the property named Saw Mill Huddersfield within just 4 minutes on foot. It offers two types of accommodations to students in different price ranges, which are ensuite rooms and studios. The price range of ensuite rooms starts from £103 per week and goes up to £136 per week. On the other hand, the price range of studios starts from £175 per week and goes up to £200 per week. Studios in Saw Mill are available with both single-occupancy and double-occupancy options.

This property for student accommodation in Huddersfield provides a study table and chair and a Wi-Fi internet connection to every student. Moreover, a study room is also available where you can study in a calm environment without any extra hassle. This property provides you with a meeting room where you can arrange the meetings with your co-residents. 

A games room is also available in this housing property where students can have fun with table tennis and pool.

Facilities like a laundry room, kitchen equipment, and more can be found here.

Snow Island

If you want to stay connected to the University of Huddersfield, then Snow Island Huddersfield can be proven to be the best property for you. It is located within only 2 minutes of walking distance from the University of Huddersfield.

Snow Island offers ensuite rooms in different price ranges. You can get Private student housing huddersfield at as low as £90 per week here. The highest rent of an ensuite room in Snow Island is £146 per week.

Study desks and chairs and Wi-Fi internet connections are available in Snow Island also. Here also, you get a study room for hassle-free studies. The games room is the fun feature here with the facility to play pool with co-residents. You find a smart TV here for entertainment purposes.

Storthes Hall Park

Storthes Hall Park Huddersfield is a property for students who want accommodation at some distance from the University of Huddersfield. Unlike the previously mentioned properties, it is not located in the short distance from the university but you can reach there within 18 minutes by driving. Shuttle service is also available here.

This Furnished student housing Huddersfield offers ensuite rooms at price ranges from £91 to £179 per week. There is also a double ensuite here with the double-occupancy option. You find a gym in Storthes Hall Park for your fitness. 

Other features available include study desks and chairs, Wi-Fi internet connections, basketball hoops-backboards, a games room, a study room, and more.


All the above-mentioned properties for accommodation Huddersfield comprise CCTV cameras and 24/7 security, so you and your belongings are fully safe here.


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