Recover Complex Skilled Nursing Facility Billing Issues with Sunknowledge Services

skilled nursing facility billing

The skilled nursing facility billing varies widely depending on the type of care that are provided. It can further be classified based on the type, severity and disability of the patient rendering the services and even chronic conditions. Thus making it necessary for billers and coders to carefully recognize these variations across facilities and bill accordingly. So that practices can be reimbursed accordingly.

Furthermore, billers should also have a complete understanding of form UB – 04 in order to handle a skilled nursing facility billing effortlessly, as in SNFs use of form CMS- 1450 (UB – 04) is frequently associated in the billing and collection process. With all this complication and labor shortage problems, finding experienced skilled nursing facility billers and coders is not only challenging but also difficult. This is where Sunknowledge Services Inc fits in.

Sunknowledge a one stop skilled nursing home facility billing destination:

With the detailed understanding of UB – 04, present healthcare industry mandates and its billing and regulation details, Sunknowledge Services Inc ensures a better billing management than any other RCM organization. With detailed scrutiny and review, our experts take care of all the pre and post nursing facility billing maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate.

Catering to the competitive landscape needs, Sunknowledge today is one of the reliable operational extension improving cash flow for more than 100s clients. In fact, the best part of choosing us as your operational extension for SNFs are:

  • We help you reduce 80% of your operative cost
  • We have the highest productivity metrics
  • We guarantee the highest first pass collection rate
  • We can meet and beat any price in the given market

Performing task specific responsibilities in data entry, benefits check, prior auth, claims & rejection management as well as accounts receivable collections; our experts further analysis your billing operation work on improving the operation.

Delivering our functional best practices that elevate your practice management experience, we today have excellent client’s references as our achievement. To know more about how our experts can help you improve your skilled nursing facility billing and collection process, call us right now. As we are known for improving cash flow in the best possible manner.

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