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Salesforce: Automation testing Solutions & Practices 

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Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM platform that provides a suite of business applications created to help organizations to manage their sales, marketing, customer service, and other operations. It encompasses the features and tools, such as tracking sales leads, customer interactions, etc. Aside from this, Salesforce is highly customizable and can meet the needs and demands of industries and businesses. However, to ensure that Salesforce is rightly configured and customized, you need to test it. Since manual testing isn’t viable, consider test automation Salesforce.

It is a platform that helps organizations and businesses improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. Seasonal updates are released to keep the Salesforce platform relevant to the business needs and demands, so testing becomes so crucial. There are two ways of Salesforce testing: Manual testing and automation testing. Testing has benefits, but automation testing is more suited and reliable to platforms like Salesforce.

Automation Testing Solutions for Salesforce

Framework of Test Automation

It comprises a set of guidelines and best practices for automating Salesforce testing. It includes tools and libraries for creating, running, and reporting automated tests. Also the test automation frameworks can also be open-source or commercial and are available in various programming languages.

No-Code Test Automation Platform

Codeless automation tools allow testers to create and run tests without the knowledge of programming or scripting languages. Generally, no-code test tools prefer the graphical user interface(GUI) to build and manage the test cases. Aside from this, it includes the features such as scriptless automation, object recognition, and much more.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Tools

It comprises a set of practices and tools for automating Salesforce applications. It also includes features like version control and release management.

Practices to Achieve the End-to-End Process of Salesforce Automation Testing

Set Clear Objectives

Setting up clear objectives is crucial during the test automation process. It can include identifying scope automation, deciding various tests to automate, and setting up the targets for better test coverage and efficiency.

Choose the Right Automation Tools

The right automation tools are crucial to success in the automation process. While choosing tools, consider prominent factors like features, technical expertise, cost, capabilities, and complexity.

Create a Comprehensive Test Strategy

A well-defined test strategy can ensure the automation effort is aligned with the overall testing goals and objectives. It can include defining the testing process, identifying the types of tests to automate, and setting up the test environment.

Maintenance Plan

Maintenance is crucial while testing automation in Salesforce, ensuring tests remain relevant and effective. Plan for regular maintenance activities, such as updating the tests to reflect changes in the Salesforce application and monitoring the effectiveness of the tests over time.


Involve stakeholders in the automation testing process, such as developers, testers, and business users. It can help ensure that the automation is aligned with business objectives and requirements and 

Whether the test cases can effectively find out the defects and other issues.

Start Small and Iterate

It is often best to start with small tests and iterate over time. It can help to identify issues and refine the testing process and can also help to build momentum and support for the automation effort.

Test Automation Tools for Salesforce


It is a no-code test automation tool that automates complex tests. Moreover, it is uniquely proficient for test automation in Salesforce.

Salesforce DX

It is a developer-focused solution that offers tools for automation testing for Salesforce. It is a Salesforce product in the App Cloud that permits users to develop and manage Salesforce apps throughout the entire platform more directly and efficiently. 

It is also a test automation tool. Anyone can use this tool as it is a no-code platform. There is no requirement for programming skills. Provar supports functional and end-to-end testing, as well as API testing.


It is a well-known open-source tool of automation that can be used for Salesforce. It supports various programming languages and can automate different tests, including integration, functional, and regression tests.

Choose Opkey for Efficient Salesforce Test Automation

● Opkey mines configurations and data for clients’ Salesforce instances to understand employees’ workflow and the tests they have run historically. This minimizes weeks of business process documentation sessions. It also supports the test to fill in the coverage gaps through the autonomous creation of the test.

● It provides the no-code test creation to support test automation in Salesforce. Moreover, technical skills and expertise do not matter much in contributing to the test automation process. Most Salesforce users are not coders, so Opkey provides two code-free ways to capture the business process.

● It encompasses its library in which automated tests can be saved with the help of an intuitive drag-and-drop test builder.

● Opkey’s Salesforce scripts require 80% less maintenance than scripts created in Selenium due to self-healing technology. The AI-powered intelligent object recognition algorithm identifies element changes across 150+ enterprise applications to capture script changes for Java, AJAX, APIs, and HTML after an update. 


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