Reviewed by the best Hamilton beach oatmeal cookers

Reviewed by the best Hamilton beach oatmeal cookers

1. Hamilton Beach Oatmeal and Rice Cookers

This model can make 3 cups of oatmeal or rice, so it doesn’t make a burden but it is more than enough. This tiny capacity allows the device to be relatively small so it won’t take up too much room on your counters or in your kitchen cabinets.

It has two buttons on the front for regular oats and steel-cut so you get 2 easy settings at the press of a button. It’s nice to have the option here because both of these types of oats require different cooking times and temperatures so we love that they gave us these options. When the oats are ready it shuts itself off so there is no risk of overcooking them.

It is portable with an easy carry handle. I don’t think I’ll ever have to travel with this but the handle is effective for carrying the table up when the service is ready.


2. Instant Hamilton Beach Oatmeal Manufacturer, Steamer

We have spoken of our love for instant pot many times before here. While I’ll say it again, instant pots are amazing and can cook quite a bit, if you haven’t got it yet. Check them out! That being said we are looking at the best oatmeal cooker today so it may be an instant pot overkill for it but this instant Hamilton beach oatmeal maker rice cooker may be a suitable alternative. It comes from the same company that makes instant pots but it is a much easier and cheaper alternative.

It is an 8-cup model but it comes in a larger 20-cup model.  Although there is no steel cut option here.

Reviewed by the best Hamilton beach oatmeal cookers

3. Aroma professional

These oatmeal cookers, popular from Aroma, are the best-selling rice cookers on the market. They even advertise as America’s # S # 1 Rice Cooker. It comes in black or red, we personally prefer the black model. It looks more modern to us but it is definitely a personal choice.

Like the instant pot, this device can do a lot more than the oatmeal but it has a special setting for the oatmeal which makes it a great choice for our list. 

It’s a 10 cup model so we’re going to be bigger again. As it is a larger device, it has more versatility than others on the list.

4. Quick oatmeal cooker

Quick and easy oatmeal cooker OK,

While it is not an electric cooker with automatic settings and has warm features that make our lives very simple. It is a great oatmeal cooker.  Then you put it in the microwave for 90 seconds and the result is perfectly ready to eat oats.

5. Induction heating system

Both of them increase it a bit now in terms of cost but don’t let it overwhelm you like the best rice cooker out there. We’ve talked many times in the past about Hamilton beach oatmeal makers on this site. They always review really well. These are really well-equipped devices and they cook some of the best rice in the world.


Since there are lots of great rice/oatmeal cookers on the market, there will be a ton to choose from. If you already have a rice cooker in your home, you will be able to make oatmeal in it. But you will need some testing and error testing to get the best results. If you’re in the market for specialized oatmeal cookers, anyone at the top of the list would work great. Depending on your budget and what you want to use the cooker for will ultimately determine your decision.

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