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Reasons to Support The Volunteer Firefighter Alliance

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If the last year has taught us anything it is that philanthropy and supporting others in our local community is something which can seriously help. So many organizations and businesses have been kept afloat by support in the last 12 months and there is a hope that this eventually changes attitudes of people to give more to those who need it. 

Charities of course are a wonderful way of giving back, and today we are going to look into the Volunteer Firefighter Alliance, a great place to donate which will put your money to work. Let’s take a look then at just some of the great work which this origination does, and why giving your money to them would be a smart move to make. 

Educating Youngsters 

Once upon a time fire services would actively go into schools and educational facilities to support and to each kids about the importance of fire safety. This is critical because kids need to learn from an early age just how important it is to be mindful of fire hazards, and what to do in the event of a fire happening. Fire services just don’t have the resources to do this kind of thing anymore which is why it falls on the shoulders of great organizations such as the VFA, to invest their time in the schools, helping the kids. 

Taking Steps For Free Safety 

Another key role which this organization has is the investment of time in the community, helping homeowners to improve their home with regards to fire safety. The charity will often carry out assessments on homes to ensure that they are in a good position to stay safe. On top of this we see the charity look to help people with smoke alarms and other preventative measures, as well as installing equipment such as extinguishers to help to put out fires. 

Supporting The Fire Service

Whilst the fire services around the country do their best, many of them are critically underfunded or have problems with resources, and that means that they need every bit of support which they can get. The Volunteer Firefighter Alliance is able to offer volunteers who have been fully trained as firefighters, and that means that they can give that necessary support when they need it most. On any given fire you may easily find that there are 3 or 4 members of the fire service team, who are actually from the VFA. 

A charity like this needs money so that they can continue to do this important work, so that they can offer the best equipment and the best services for its volunteers and so that they can train those volunteers to help. An organization like this costs money and through your help they will be able to continue the great work that they are doing, and hopefully expand so that they will be able to take care of more areas of the country than they currently do.


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