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Why You Should Always Enquire With Lawyers When You Suspect Medical Malpractice

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Whilst it is not exactly a widespread issue, there is no doubt that each and every year there are many victims of medical malpractice in the country. It is for this reason that we have legal professionals like David Cates, and he and his team have dedicated a great deal of their work towards representing those victims of medical malpractice. This is far from a cut and dry subject and if you feel that you or someone you are related to has been the victim of medical malpractice, here is why you should always seek consultation from a lawyer before you take any action. 

Not Always Malpractice

To the general public the idea that a mistake has been made by a surgeon, doctor or nurse, that then results in further complications or death, is considered as malpractice. This however is simply not the case at all and for most incidents there has been no malpractice committed. The reality of the situation is that for all the intelligence and knowledge which our healthcare staff have, they can’t, and may never, know everything. This is why disease still exists of course, if we knew it all then we would never get sick. 

When a course of action is taken in the hospital it is done based on a number of protocols and through a meeting of minds. If that course of action turns out not to work, it is not malpractice, just a sad reality of the job role. 

Taking The Right Steps

In some cases the main reason why you should speak to a lawyer first, prior to addressing anyone in the hospital or anyone who is linked with the hospital, is so that you can take each step in the right way. If you go after the hospital first then you may actually alert them to an issue which they can quickly take care of. If this is the case then your legal action will mean very little as the hospital or professional will be able to appear as though they are on the front foot with the issue, thus making your claim carry less weight. The best course of action, from the moment that you have a suspicion, is to speak to a lawyer. 

Stopping Before You Start Spending Money 

Legal cases can cost money and if you don’t even have a case then you may find that you end up throwing money down the drain for something which has no merit. This again is why it is always the smart choice for you to seek out legal support, describe the incident to them and then let them advise you on how to proceed with things. 

Ultimately no matter what has happened to you and no matter what your particular situation is, getting the help and support you need from a legal professional is the best way to go about your medical malpractice concerns.


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