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Reasons to change your wraps methods

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Are you still utilizing manual stretch wraps? That’s fine for low-volume applications that don’t require packing equipment. Orbital stretch wrappers can help you improve your process for high-volume applications. Over-sized, irregularly shaped, and palletized loads are excellent for this equipment. By rotating the film, orbital machines wrap it all the way around the pallet. Orbital stretch wrappers have a higher throughput rate than other stretch wrappers. This is due to the fact that palletized loads do not require high-speed rotation; instead, the machine wraps around the pallet.

There are five reasons to change your stretch wrapping method.

  • Productivity
  • Cost-cutting
  • Safety
  • An application that is consistent
  • The integrity of the load
  • Productivity

Orbital stretch wrapper

can work over long periods of time while keeping a high level of quality. Using this equipment improves the efficiency of your pack-to-ship process while lowering labor costs. Most loads are wrapped in under 3 minutes; do you think you can beat that by wrapping the pallet by hand? Stretch wrapping systems are one of the quickest ways to improve your packing efficiency at the end of the line. The requirement for operators to manually attach the film tail to the load then cut and secure the film tail at the end of the cycle is eliminated with these machines.


If you’re wrapping 20 or more loads per day by hand, an orbital stretch wrapper is more cost-effective than applying stretch wrap by hand. When you invest in stretch wrap equipment, you could see a return on your investment in as little as 6 months. With orbital stretch wrappers, you may save a lot of money on materials. When compared to the human wrapping method, they can save up to 75% on stretch film costs. You can also recover approximately half of your possibly damaged merchandise by stabilizing the load and wrapping it properly.


An orbital stretch wrapping machine reduces side-to-side hand wrapping movements, which are known to cause back problems. Injuries caused by metal bands strapping are also eliminated with packaging equipment such as stretch wrappers. The constant bending, twisting, and lifting required to wrap a pallet is eliminated; instead, simply press a button and the machine will do the work for you.

An application that is consistent

The majority of stretch wrap applied by the machine is pre-stretched by at least 200 percent. As a result, the load is tighter while using less product. You also know that you’ll get the same wrap every time. Consider a situation where one operator wraps a pallet one day and another operator wraps another day. They won’t be identical, resulting in more damaged goods and unpredictability in your packaging procedure.

The integrity of the load

The correct amount of confinement force should be applied to the top, middle, and bottom layers of your load. (The wrap force divided by the number of layers of the film) The amount of confinement force required is determined by the type of load being wrapped. Heavyweights may necessitate greater confinement force, whereas lesser loads may necessitate less. Every time you utilize an orbital stretch wrapper, you’ll obtain the exact amount of containment force you need. From the first pallet wrap of the day to the last, the load integrity will be maintained.


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