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Semi-Trailer Rental – Types of Semi-Trailer

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What Is a Semi-Truck?

A semi-truck is a complete truck (electric truck) mounted on a trailer without a front axle (semi-trailer). In this article, we explain everything about Semi-trailers, and their types and talk about semi-trailer rental in NC as benefits.

Semi-trailers are called trailers because they support only 50% of the wheels. The front of the semi-trailer is designed to be supported by the rear wheels of a tow truck.

Trucks designed to tow trailers are known as tractors.

This is why semi-trucks are often called tractor-trailers. If the semi-trailer is not coupled to the tractor, it must be supported by the landing gear.

Semi-trailers are also known as large excavators because they are large vehicles. Other common names for semi-trailers include semi-trailers, semi-trailers, semi-tractors, and 18 wagons.

Semi-vehicle type (truck-trailer)

There are many types of trucks on the road. They include tankers, refrigerated trailers, drop trailers, flatbed trailers, dump trailers, dry bulk trailers, car carrier trailers, and box trailers.


A tanker is a semi-truck designed to transport liquids in the rear tank body. Tankers are typically used to transport gasoline, oil, and liquefied petroleum gas. It is also used to transport milk and water.

Refrigerated trailer-

The refrigerated trailer is a refrigerated trailer (trailer with a refrigerated body). Used for transporting seafood, fresh food, medicines, and other temperature-sensitive products.

Lowboy trailer-

The Lowboy trailer is designed to have a very low deck compared to standard trailers. This allows you to legally carry long loads, including packages up to 12 feet high. These trailers are often used to transport heavy industry equipment.

Flatbed trailer-

The flatbed trailer is a flatbed trailer. This makes it easy to load and unload products. It is also commonly used for container shipping.

Trailer dump-

There are several types of dump truck trailers. They include side dump trucks and double dump trailers. They are used to transport bulk materials.

Bulk Cargo Trailer-

A dry bulk trailer is a semi-trailer with a dry liquid tank, which is a special metal drum for carrying dry bulk materials such as grain, coal, and plastic resin.

Car Carrier-Trailer

These trailers are designed to transport multiple vehicles at the same time. There are usually two floors.

Box trailer-

Box trailers are sealed trailers used to transport goods that need to be protected from elements.

Why should you consider semi-trailer rental?

Semi-tracks have many uses. It is very important to the world economy as many goods are shipped using it.

In fact, according to many researchers, half of the trucks carry more cargo each year than planes, ships, and trains. In the United States alone, half-tracks carry nearly $ 700 billion in goods each year.

Being familiar with the above, the reasons why you should consider renting a semi-truck are:

  • Affordable
  • maintenance
  • Maximize profits

Rent vs. Lease Rent

For short-term projects, it turns out that it’s cheaper to rent a semi-track than to rent it. In contrast, if you have a long-term business or relocation job, you will find that renting is cheaper than renting.

This is because, for long-term projects, rental companies are usually willing to offer weekly or monthly cost discounts.

Semi-rent summary

A semi-track is a tractor combined with a semi-trailer. A sturdy machine for transporting heavy items.


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