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Prize Bond Schedule 2021

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Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2021 from January to December by National Saving Scheme

Prize Bond Schedule 2021: Prize bonds are a type of government bond in which a portion of an issue’s bonds are chosen at random and redeemed for a higher value than the bond’s face value.

The Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2021

Prize bondDraw#Date
Rs. 15,000#854 January 2021
Rs. 750#8515 January 2021
Rs. 7,500#851 February 2021
Rs. 1,500#8515 February 2021
Rs. 100#3315 February 2021
Rs. 40,000#1610 March 2021
Rs. 200#8515 March 2021
Rs. 15,000#861 April 2021
Rs. 750#8615 April 2021
Rs. 7,500#863 May 2021
Rs. 100#3417 May 2021
Rs. 1,500#8617 May 2021
Rs. 40,000#1710 June 2021
Rs. 200#8615 June 2021
Rs. 15,000#872 July 2021
Rs. 750#8715 July 2021
Rs. 7,500#872 August 2021
Rs. 100#3516 August 2021
Rs. 1,500#8716 August 2021
Rs. 40,000#1810 September 2021
Rs. 200#8715 September 2021
Rs. 15,000#881 October 2021
Rs. 750#8815 October 2021
Rs. 7,500#881 November 2021
Rs. 1,500#8815 November 2021
Rs. 100#3615 November 2021
Rs. 40,000#1910 December 2021
Rs. 200#8815 December 2021

Prize Bond Timetable 2021

The Qurandazi of 100, 200, 750 prizes bond, 7500, 1500, 15000, and 25000 rupee prize bonds are held four times a year by Pakistan’s National Savings. Check the prize bond 100,200, 750, 7500, 1500, 15000, and 25000 Prize Bond Schedule 2021.

The entire Prize Bond Schedule 2021, which runs from January to December 2021, includes prize bond denomination amounts, timings, cities, days, and draw numbers. If a public holiday falls on the draw day, the prize bond dates for 2021 may be changed. As a result, you should be aware that the Prize Bond Schedule 2021 List National Savings Prize Bonds will be shifted to the following dates if Pakistan has a public holiday.

Prize bond drawings

are frequently held by a committee established by the Central Directorate of National Savings and are available to the public. The winning prize bonds are chosen using (HODM), which is frequently performed in front of Committee members and the general public by special children.

However, before the draw begins, the drawing machine (HODM) is put to the test by the general public. The public is welcome to attend the prize bond result ceremony upon presentation of their initial CNIC.

All SBP BSC (State Bank of Pakistan Banking Services Corporation Bank) field offices

National Savings Center offices and approved commercial bank branches sell and cash prize bonds in any number.

Second, go online and seek up the Prize Bond Schedule National Savings Complete List. This graph displays the bond price for the upcoming draw, as well as the draw dates, towns, and status. There will be no draws on Saturday or Sunday due to the public holiday.


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