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Plant-Based Shopping: What You Need To Know

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After eating a mostly animal-based diet, are you one of the people who transitioned to a mostly plant-based diet? One of the challenging but also exciting things is to learn all about plant-based grocery shopping. At the beginning of making the transition, most people feel limited in their options. Suddenly, you find yourself in totally different supermarket isles than before. What to do and how to go about shopping on a plant-based diet?

Where to go shopping?

First, we need to debunk the myth that it is hard to find animal-free products. Go to any supermarket, local street or farmer´s market, or even smaller markets near you. You will likely find some of all the key food groups in each of these places.

First are vegetables and fruits. No need for further clarification, as we all know that these food groups are widely available anywhere in the world.

Grains are also relatively easy. Most places have not just wheat but also other grains like oats.

The protein hit on plant-based diets comes from products like beans, lentils, tofu and tempeh. While all these products are gaining popularity, you will likely find beans and lentils anywhere on this planet.

Shopping list

To make it very simple, you should buy a variety of the above-mentioned food groups when going grocery shopping. Our advice is to always keep it simple. In this case, if about half of all your shopping consists of fruits and vegetables, you are on the right track! Make sure to stock up on grains as these are the powerhouses that give you energy, while beans and lentils in small quantities offer a ton of nutritional value.

The number 1 tip to get started

We always remind people that plant-based cooking doesn´t have to be exotic. When making the transition, you can simply create a plant-based version of your favourite dish. Make it until you love it. Once you find the recipe that suits you best, you can simply keep making it over and over again. Keep it simple.

For most people, this is an absolute game-changer. It takes off the pressure of needing to cook something different all the time, and gives you a chance to slowly explore the plant-based lifestyle.

Once you are settled with one dish, expand until you have at least three staple meals that you can always fall back on. If or when you feel creative to go a step further, you can then explore new recipes and dishes.

Are you ready to go plant-based grocery shopping?


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