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Outdated Fashion Trends You Should Completely Ignore

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Fashion is one of a kind ways to express your personality and show the world by being yourself. But, by growing up, we hear numerous fashion myths that leave a sharp impression in our minds. 

Wait, wait! Life is too short to stress about polka dots with florals.

However, with fashion comes certain rules that we follow for no reason because we always heard to be true. It is not a police task force enforcing these RULES we tend to follow blindly. Say NO to outdated fashion advice and YES to choosing pieces from women’s online clothing stores that empower you and make you feel your best. 

Some colors should not pair well.   

You might have heard that some colors you can’t wear together like black with brown or navy, or too many bright or bold colors with one another. Ditch this style of advice with these tips:

Use texture to your benefit: When styling up unlikely colors, incorporate different textures like silk, velvet, or leather for a stylish look. 

Style with a single color: Style your outfit in one single color but in various hues, patterns, and textures. It gives you a nice monochromatic bold style. 

Add accessories: For the black, navy, or brown outfits, use accessories from boutique stores online, like bags or shoes, or belts, to your advantage. For example, style a brown jacket with black booties or a navy dress with a black belt and handbag.

Puffed sleeves are old-fashioned. 

Puffed sleeves are on-trend, and it’s nowhere going back. Relying on your personal style, you can wear puff sleeves in a way you like:

  • Casual sleeves with subtle volume. 
  • Volumized sleeves for a dramatic look
  • Sheer, romantic sleeves for an elegant look
  • Geometric sleeve for a visually appealing look

Only neutral hues are professional. 

Anything other than dark-colored suits or pencil skirts was considered unprofessional. Now, it is no longer true. Don’t be afraid to wear bold patterns or hues in the office. Now, women have found numerous style ways to incorporate a fun personality into their work wardrobe. 

Let your accessories speak: Show hints of color with bold earrings, bracelets, belts, or handbags. 

Mix neutrals and brights: A balanced look, style grey or black pants with colored blouses or vice versa. 

Play with patterns: Neutrals are a fashion essential to kick off seasons, and some of them feel comfier in a neutral color palette. It’s okay; spice up with designs like stripes or plaid. 

Horizontal stripes are unflattering. 

Many people don’t try horizontally striped shirts in fashion fear, thinking it will be an unflattering look. In reality, horizontal stripes are different from other patterns and look astonishing when styled correctly. Embrace it by following these tips:

Take it easy: Don’t wear stripes head-to-toe; make a simple striped top the eye-catching statement piece of your outfit. 

Experiment with color: Stripe looks good in both neutral and brightly colored palettes.

Be bold: accessorize your stripe top with a chunky necklace or large earrings to achieve a fun and colorful look. 

Always dress your age. 

In this year, ignore all the old fashion advice about dressing as per your age. Instead, dress according to your style and personality. Patterns, hemlines, silhouettes, colors are not intended for a single age group. They grow with you and change over time. Find different ways to incorporate all your favorite style elements in a way that looks and makes you feel good. 

Avoid wearing Denim on Denim. 

If you style correctly, denim on denim can be a timeless fashion choice. See some of the tips for a successful look:

  • Don’t overload denim accessories like bags or shoes. 
  • Style a bold t-shirt with jeans and a denim jacket to bring the look altogether. 
  • For a soft look, wear a light t-shirt with dark pants or a skirt. 
  • Find a perfect combination from online boutique stores that reflects your style by experimenting with different washes, colors, and styles. 

Never Mix Patterns  

Mixing patterns is a great way to highlight your personality. The idea seems overwhelming at first, but don’t mix prints that scare you. Not sure where to begin?

When mixing patterns, avoid mixing bold colors simultaneously; as a result, it might be a visual jerk. Choose colors that pair well together. Let classic color palettes bring you mix-match prints together.

  • Start by mixing small printed accessories with a printed top or pants. Try out handbags, jewelry or patterned hats, scarves, and more from online women’s clothing stores.
  • Keep it casual by mixing patterned pieces with subtle, neutral tones. 
  • If you are styling two different prints on top and bottom, bring them together with a solid or neutral-colored belt in the middle. 

Are you ready to break the outdated fashion rules?

Set your own style trend this year with high-quality pieces from women’s online clothing stores. They have stylish clothes, shoes, and accessories that make it easier to express yourself through fashion. So, what are you waiting for now? Shop the collection today and break all the outdated fashion rules. 


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