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A Style Guide To College Fashion Trends!

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College is full of fun. It’s the most exciting time of life to make new friends, memories and face new challenges that will last with you all over your lifetime. It is also a time to fluctuate on the line of true adulthood and youth. 

In short, college is awesome. But, here comes the old age dilemma of girls to what to wear to college. All of a sudden, your clothes from last year become too childish. You deserve to enter college, accentuating your latest College Fashion Trends and giving retirement to your old favorite clothes. 

Let’s explore this handy guide of college fashion trends!

Quality leisurewear

Quality leisurewear is a #1 college must-have whether you are racing off to class or hitting the gym in between. You have all dressed up for high school in class; there is something different about college courses at 8 am. It’s a late-night study session or greek mixer; it makes you dress comfy for class. 

If you are wondering what to wear to classes, athleisure is it! Look for cute leggings or bold floral or animal prints. You want to feel cozy doesn’t define you can’t look cute! 

Cute trendy jacket 

If you are going to college, it doesn’t matter whether it’s warm all year or not, having a cute leather jacket to adorn is essential. One of the best women’s boutique trends is the moto jacket. Style and dress it up to a party or throw it on when you are meeting your new college buddies for lunch. It is so versatile and makes your look totally put together, like a fashionista you are. This jacket knows how to stay in fashion and casual without missing a beat. 

Handy bag 

Your schedule will be so infrequent in college that you will seriously want to consider having a cute backpack or handy bag. A cute reversible tote is a perfect option, and it’s the right handbag to get through every occasion. It comes in large size, and you can easily carry your laptop for note-taking, your books, and some required stationary.  

Trendy shades 

In college, it takes a lot of walking outside back and forth across campus. Eye gear is proper to wear in college and must come in your planning wardrobe. At the time, the sun can be forgiving, and you are all stressed, so why stress yourself even more? Trendy shades from online boutiques in the USA are great because they keep your eye protected and hide your dark circles too. Also, in college, it avoids any awkward eye contact and can be a lifesaver.  

Dark skinny jeans 

Whether you are joining a club or a college group-sponsored activity, you need some nice clothes. At some point, you need to trade out of your workout gear for some real pants. Ugh, right? But you don’t need to wear slacks or a ball gown; a pair of simple skinnies are perfect for student gatherings.  

It will make you feel casual and dressy enough that you look trendy and put together. Also, flare-leg jeans for women are trendier now, so you can wear them, and it gives you a boho style comfy look.

Adorable hat 

Let’s talk the truth, doing your hair every day in college is a sky-high goal. It is reserved for special occasions like Friday and Saturday night. But what about those questionable hair days? Fortunately, a cute hat or beanie! Whether it’s been a few days you have washed your hair or accidentally fell asleep with wet hair, and now you are putting on a sponge, a hat can save your look and get you to reach the class on time. Also, wearing a hat means extra time for sleep, and who doesn’t want that?

Party dress

Are you planning to go for a date or end-of-semester parties? You require trendy online boutique party dresses. These dresses you can wear with a multitude of different events where you can’t deck yourself up in dark skinnies. You don’t require to don a floor-length dress but get comfortable wearing fun and sweet party dress. 

However, you can pair it with a statement necklace or keep it classic with a string of pearls. The best thing about this party dress is you can style it to match your personality best. When you are planning on what to wear to college, don’t leave this one out.  For a more budget friendly approach, there are also party cocktail dress for hire in Melbourne that you may want to check out. 

Our trendy online boutique is your college trends solution! 

College is transformative and a very magical experience. You will go in as one person and come out as a competent, certain young woman. But, it doesn’t mean your love of boutique trends will disappear. That is why we need to keep our store stocked with the latest fashion trends for you. You will find all the trendy collections here, from multi-functional accessories like sunglasses, tote bags, and hats. Don’t be afraid to try new things, have fun with your style by staying comfortable.


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