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Look At the Major Uses of the Carbon and Graphite Electrode

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Are you thinking about buying the electrode? If yes, it is mandatory to reach a reputable carbon and graphite supplier because they provide the best quality graphite and carbon electrode at an affordable rate. These two types of electrodes are widely used in many industries. Therefore, knowing much about these products helps you to take the right decision. In this blog, we have mentioned the difference between graphite and carbon electrodes and their potential uses.

Carbon vs graphite electrode 

The graphite electrode is a vital high-temperature conductive material. It is majorly accessed for electric steelmaking. Even though carbon is also a conductive material, it is produced from anthracite and metallurgical coke. In some cases, a small amount of natural graphite is accessed in the carbon manufacturing process. 

By accessing the needle coke as aggregate and coal asphalt as a binder, graphite is manufactured with superior quality of refractory raw material via different production processes. It includes crushing, kneading, impregnation, extruding, graphitization, and manufacturing. Unfortunately, many people think that both carbon and graphite electrodes are the same.

However, it is not true because the carbon electrodes come in various thicknesses and are accessible in different sizes. So, you will get it according to your requirements quickly. Another common difference between them is that carbon electrodes are flexible than graphite. The graphite is accessible in pencil lead form where the carbon electrodes are in a rod shape regarding the purity. 

Uses of the carbon and graphite electrode

Every electrode is accessed in various applications and provides different benefits based on its chemical nature. But, some of them are mentioned here.

  • The graphite electrodes are widely accessed in the electric furnace steelmaking process. It is commonly accessed in the manufacture of steel and various non-ferrous metals. 
  • The carbon electrodes are accessed in the electrochemical process. Since it is the excellent conductor of electric current, it plays a crucial role in electrolysis. It has the high melting point and thus facilitates different reactions. It is cheaply priced, accessible to procurement and has higher longevity.


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