Lincoln, California Landscaping Supplies.


Rock Pros Landscape Supply will help you to create beautiful yards, gardens, and more. We have a large selection of landscaping materials for all your commercial or residential project needs. In Lincoln, CA, our knowledgeable staff will find the perfect materials for any home or business: sand, flagstone, soil- etc. Rock Pros has everything you need at prices you can afford.

Landscape Supply: Sand

Sand is a useful item for many different purposes. Rock Pros’ PG&E utility sand can be used as a backfill in general construction or building projects. The very fine texture of the play sand makes it ideal for creating sandboxes, playground equipment, and waterfront entrances; stucco sand is needed to develop lath or stucco installations.

Landscape Supply: Flagstone

Flagstone has been a popular choice for decades as a landscaping element. Flat stones at Rock Pros Landscape Supply are used not only to pave or as decorative elements but also to make walkways. In addition to classic flagstones (black slates, yellow sandstones), you can choose from several different colours and textures of modular units.

Landscape Supply: Soil

There are several factors when choosing soil for your landscaping project. The best blends to use are 50:50 or 70:30, and you want to select different types of soils depending on the plants you are planting. To learn more about our variety, including screened topsoil for aesthetic installations, organic compost, and other mud, browse our extensive soil product catalogue.

If you’re looking for landscaping supplies or expert advice, Rock Pros Landscape Supply can help. Visit us in Lincoln, California, to ask, and we will let you know how we can help create the perfect lawn for your home or business. Our extensive range of products means that something is suited to what you need – whether it’s intended for commercial or residential applications.


With the cooler weather beginning to sneak in, and plants starting to die out, this is often the right month to require another check out all the messy garden beds and rethink how you’ll better maximize your water and still have a stunning show in Spring. More and more people, especially in California, are using coloured bark, beautifully textured rocks and gravel, also as boulders to landscape their beds. We at @Rockpros offer a variety of the only selection of rock and boulder sizes and hues. Placing an outsized rock closer to an entrance with a stunning shrub or tree creates a powerful feature.

Landscaping with new textures like rocks, bark, and boulders has the extra advantage of being more eco-friendly to our planet by saving on water. It’s also has a very clean and contemporary landscaping look and far more cost-effective and easier to manage because the seasons change. When planning your garden beds, you’ll position the larger stones around the boulders and thus the smaller pebbles closer to your pathway.

The durability of the fabric guarantees that quartzite countertops will endure a few years of heavy use without noticeable damage. It’s also heat and scratch resistant when properly sealed so that it won’t be

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