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Kitchen in retro style

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Do you feel nostalgia for the old times that were and were gone? Go back in time and furnish your kitchen in a retro style.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to give up modern conveniences to achieve retro style. Just add a few elements that will achieve such an effect and that will add a whole new dimension to your kitchen. Just read our article and you will know right away what to do and how to do it.

The most important element of retro cuisine are colors. If you’ve seen any old movies, you know what we’re talking about.

The kitchen in the 60’s was not marble, it was mostly wood or plastic, which was often in different, bright colors. From yellow to blue or green.

In addition to colors, however, there were also significant patterns, among which were the most popular cubes. Checkered floors, checkered tablecloths and other accessories. If you want real retro cuisine, you must not forget these things. Think about which color should dominate this room and what pattern you would prefer, act accordingly.

As for the remaining equipment or furniture, such pieces may be a problem, but it is not impossible. It is clear to each of us that in the past, people could not yet be proud of the various conveniences that their refrigerator had or did not have before. It was a small, often color-coordinated refrigerator, which did not stand out in any way, but only blended in with the whole environment. Furthermore, we must not forget the colorful (if you do not want everything in colors and plastic, but you want to bring a little to this time, you can choose wooden), which stretched along the entire wall and were decorated with many decorations.

By decorations we mean various containers, cutlery, bowls and the like. At that time, people relied on having everything at hand and not having to look in various drawers for a long time. While at present, on the contrary, we all hide everything in cabinets and leave nothing on kitchen counters. This is a mistake you must not make when furnishing a retro kitchen. The table should definitely not miss a vase with a large bouquet of flowers – do not try to combine several flowers, rather just choose one type and thus beautify the whole kitchen.

If you want to liven up the walls in some way, don’t choose from the pictures, rather look at your old photos together, have them framed and decorate your kitchen with them. It will be very original. If you are thinking about lighting, completely forget about spot or floor lights. In those days, hanging lights with a plastic cover, which was in the predominant color, were used in the kitchen, try to keep it too, it is an important element that you must not break.

Do you also admire the 60s or 70s? Yes? Then don’t hesitate and bring your kitchen to these times. All you need is a dose of courage and the desire to experiment. Thanks to a few tips we have given you, you can create a kitchen according to your ideas, which will be a tribute to all your visitors.


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