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Is It Safe to Fly Through a Storm?

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Have you ever come across the thought of whether it is safe to fly through a storm? Or do planes really fly during bad weather conditions?

If you, too, are curious to get the answers to these questions, you have reached the right place. 

While flying in a plane, you might have seen lights striking with each other while peeping out of the window or hear the booming sound, and the condition might bother you or may raise a question in your mind, whether you will be safe or not. You might not know, but every aircraft is applicable to withstand bad weather conditions, such as storms, hurricanes, etc. Every airline has to meet the guidelines of FAA or Federal Aviation Administration and the Civil Aviation Authority of the United States. Hence, flying through a storm is typically safe.

If weather conditions are terrible, air traffic controllers will direct the pilots to avoid damage or uncomfortable turbulence. The airline will notify its passengers days before the scheduled flight departure and suggest rebooking a new flight to their preferred destination. 

What happens when your scheduled flight meets with the storm?

All flights run and operated by Southwest Airlines, and other airlines are designed in such a way that they can eliminate the risks of flying through a storm. They have to comply with necessary safety protocols to ensure the safety of passengers and aircraft. 

The only fear of flying through a storm is the challenge of freezing rain. Also, crosswinds can create complications for pilots during take-off and landing. Even then, aircraft are made with resources that amplify them to stand up to 25 knots or 30 mph of wind facing across the runway.

Generally, in such situations, airlines delay or cancel their scheduled flights and wait till the storm passes. 

If you have made Southwest Airlines reservations and you are confused about whether you should take the flight or not during a storm. Then don’t worry, as the airline itself will announce a flight delay or cancellation when the conditions are not safe to fly. 

What happens if a scheduled flight is canceled due to a storm?

When your scheduled flight is canceled or delayed due to adverse weather conditions, then you can either cancel the entire trip or make a new Air France reservation. You can also request the airline to initiate a refund, but that depends on the airline’s compensation policy. 

Here are the things you need to know about the airline’s flight cancellation policy due to dire weather circumstances.

  • Adverse weather conditions don’t permit the airlines to run and operate a flight to avoid massive damage to property and the lives of passengers. If your scheduled flight is canceled due to such circumstances, you will get the option to rebook a flight without paying additional charges. 
  • You can also reserve a seat on any of the flights of the same airline for the same fare class and destination.
  • If your scheduled flight is delayed for five hours or more due to a storm or extreme weather conditions, then the passenger can benefit from the flight cancellation policy.
  • You may be able to get your money back and get between €250 to €600 per person based on the airline’s compensation policy. This is only applicable when your scheduled flight is delayed for three or more hours or even canceled due to bad weather conditions.
  • According to the flight regulation policy, if the flight distance is up to less than 1500km, you can claim €250 compensation, for the distance between 1500 to 3500kms, the value of compensation is €400, and for a flight distance of more than 3500 km, you will get €600 for a canceled or delayed flight.

To know more about the airline’s compensation policy or check whether your scheduled flight is ready to depart or not, dial the customer care contact number and request him to guide you with proper knowledge.


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