Incredible TV Wall Design And Decoration Ideas to Consider

Incredible TV Wall Design And Decoration Ideas to Consider

The days are gone when you put huge TVs in spaces in the wall and they’d take a lot of space. The era is of smart appliances that take up the least space but offer high functionality. LED TVs are such an example of technological excellence that h become a part of all homes. Interior Fit Out Companies in Dubai observe that now all homes are equipped with LEDs attached to the walls that give a classy yet minimal look to your TV lounge. 

If you think that the only way to mount an LED is by attaching it to your off-white painted wall with mounting hooks, let us surprise you with these awesome ideas to design and decorate your TV wall.

The Minimal Look

Clamping the LCD on the wall with hooks is the most frequent and attractive technique to build your TV wall. People usually choose a white or off-white wall to make their wall pop, but you may alternatively go with a light-colored TV and a dark-colored wall. You don’t need to add many pieces if your TV is large enough to cover the majority of the wall. Keep it basic. 

Place a Console

Consoles are back in trend and are a perfect statement piece to go with your TV wall. You can get consoles of all colors and sizes that go with your wall, TV, and rest of the room furniture. Consoles are good to go with slim TVs whether you want to attach it to the wall or place it on the console itself. Nowadays you can find a huge variety of classy consoles to go with the theme of your living lounge. Or get one made custom for your room.

Play with Console Settings

You’ve decided to put a console in your TV lounge, so you’ll need to find a place for it. According to Interior Fit Out Companies in Dubai, here are a few ways you can design the appearance of your TV wall with a console.

Place the console in the middle of your TV wall. This is the most popular way of adding a console to the whole setting and gives a balanced look to your room.

Or you can push the console to a side and mount the TV on the other half of the wall. It is very similar to the pattern followed in hotels and gives an exquisite look to the overall setting.

However, remember to add lights and additional elements to give it a complete look without empty spaces.

Add Lights

We understand that not everyone likes to place a console in the TV lounge or has enough area to do so. What to do to make it look beautiful then? Lights are a necessary choice while decorating a TV wall. While ceiling LED lights are quite an in fashion, many people opt for LED strips to illuminate their TV walls. 

A simple yet fancy way to light up the wall is by attaching a strip of LED lights behind the TV. It looks exquisite when these lights are turned on in the dark. On the other hand, you can also use these strips at the back of the panel. Gives a warm, experience feel right away!

Go Wooden

There’s nothing that can go wrong with choosing wood to ornament your TV lounge wall. Clients at Exotic Interior Studio who are not sure about how they want to set their TV mostly end up choosing one of the wooden panels. It’s up to your choice which design, color, or type of wood you prefer. Polished and unpolished wood both stand as an option that you can choose from. 

Add Finishing Bits

Besides the look of the wall itself, it is important to see how the TV set looks overall as the wall is going to be in the living room eventually. You can add shelves, baskets, planters, or lights of a different kind to offer a beautiful feel to the TV wall. Also, consider your furniture while setting the wall to make sure it looks great as a whole.


Interior Design Companies in Dubai are now installing modern TV walls in homes to make them a focal point in other rooms. While you shouldn’t go overboard with your TV wall, incorporating some personalized elements is always encouraged. Decorate your wall however you want and connect with us for suggestions on how to improve it.

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