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SEO, How to Track Duplicate Content from a Blog or Website?

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Content on the website is credible. It represents your business, value, and legacy. And, your website is a window through which anyone could get an idea about the business. If your website has poor-quality or duplicate content, the search engines would take you as an unprofessional firm. This is the reason, SEO Company in Dubai prefers to proofread multiple times before they upload any sort of content on the web.

In this article, the best SEO Dubai Company will share a few tactics to filter out duplicate content from the blog post, article, or from the website.

So, let’s take a ride.

Duplicate content and thin content

Many of you may know about thin content, which is content that adds no value to the readers. There exist many contents that are out of focus or without any context. If this is what happens with your website, then people would jump out of the site because they feel it is a waste of time.

When we talk about duplication, it can be intentional or unintentional. There are many people who spy on their competitors’ business and misuse their website information or content for their benefit.

Many people copy stuff from other’s websites and directly post it to their own platform, which can slam you.

There are equal chances of unintentionally copied content. People have no intention to put the same information about the subject, but somehow it catches as a copied paragraph.

So, how could you detect such content from your site?

We have the answer.

  1. Make smart use of Google search

Google is an address of every solution. If you want to check whether your website has copied content or not then the Google search box can be a good help. Let’s suppose your website URL is – www.myfirstsite.com

If your site has less than 100 web pages then this trick will work.

Now, search this way – “site:myfirstsite.com” and it will result in all pages that your website has indexed. Go through URLs to ensure that if any of the page content is the same or not.

Also, try out the same with “site:myfirstwebsite.com URL:duplicate-URL”.

  1. Get search results in a spreadsheet

You can simply extract the search result on the spreadsheet if you are working with a spreadsheet. Find out various platforms to get the basic idea on how you can extract information in a spreadsheet or take help from the best SEO Dubai Company.

  1. Keep track of maximum visited URLs

If you’re a multinational company and your website has more than 100 pages, then this option could not work for your requirements. In this trick, you can use the URLs crawled by bots and search duplicate URLs. If the reason behind duplication is the theme, then you can easily migrate from one theme to another with the help of experts.

Your online business could get harm because of duplicate content. So, if you have a doubt then contact the best SEO Company in Dubai today.

Source: http://blogs.rediff.com/daveblogger/2021/08/04/how-to-track-duplicate-content-from-a-blog-or-website/


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