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Food That Are Rich In Potassium And Its Benefits

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Potassium is an important dietary mineral same as Calcium and Sodium. Most people in the United States not having enough potassium in their diet. If you are one of them you must keep reading it further.

What is the safe level of Potassium in our Body

SAFE zone 3.5 – 5.0 mmol/liter
CAUTION zone 5.0 – 6.0 mmol/liter
DANGER zone above 6.0 mmol/liter

Foods that are rich source of Potassium

Plenty of fruits and vegetables are rich sources of this mineral

Oranges, Honeydew, Cantaloupe, Apricots, Grapefruit, Bananas, Dried Fruits, Dates, Prunes

Spinach, Broccoli, Potatoes, Sweet potatoes, Cucumbers, Zucchini. Leafy greens, Pumpkins, Peas (You may like to read about the best Pea Protein Powders in the market.)

Other than these some dairy products, such as yogurt and milk are also having a good amount of potassium to fulfill your K requirement partially.

Under Beans: – Kidney beans, Soybeans, Lima beans, Pinto beans, and lentils are good sources of K.

How much Potassium is required daily?

The answer is 4700mg of K is daily required ofK in our diet. Most people don’t meet this daily goal.

But there are some people who are suffering from hyperkalemia that means a high amount of K. Is present in the body? Need to avoid all mentioned things that we mentioned as rich foods. In K and need to maintain low potassium Diet menu.

Benefits of Potassium for Body

Proper Functioning of Cells required to have K. Also responsible for regulating blood pressure, heartbeat, and proper functioning of muscles and nerves.

Also, helpful in the functioning of kidneys to work properly and constipation as well. Whereas the high amount of K also can damage the kidney. As its kidney job to remove excess K from the blood and that can be dangerous for kidneys.

How much potassium is in Egg & Banana?

Regular Egg contains 63 mg and banana contains 358 mg that’s good source to add in your diet for K.


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