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How to Optimize Windows PC for Better Performance

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Windows slow performance can be very irritating, especially when you have important work to do and your system takes ages to follow commands. After a while, when the system gets old, it catches viruses, bugs, different Malware, and spyware problems. The major reason for windows malfunctions can be corrupted and old drivers, which They can solve by installing a free driver updater. You can likewise let loose space by erasing duplicate photos. It helps boost performance. You can optimize your PC within an hour in many ways. You need to understand some basic points, which we will discuss here. Here is a list of problems your system might be facing and their solutions:

  1. Corrupted or old driver: Drivers need to be updated timely, as they get corrupted or old with time, slowing down the PC’s performance.

Download Bit driver updater. This will help you experience top-notch windows performance in no time. 

  Features :

  • Quick and complete system scan – this software completely scans the system, detects corrupted drivers, and reinstalls and updates them. 
  •  Saves time and efficiency – with just one click, updates broken, missing, or outdated drivers provide easy access to all the updated drivers. So save your effort for searching for them. 
  •  Backs up before update – before scanning, it backs up all your data so that you can restore it later as peruse. Refrain from any data being lost in the process. 

As the name suggests, Bit driver updater fixes your system bit by Bit. Just search for the bit driver updater and click on the download button. 

  1. Restart your computer– shutting down and restarting your computer solves many tiny issues simultaneously. It is the most common thing people do while facing technical difficulties. After running the system for a long time, it needs a little boost. Restarting will clear all the running applications in the background. 

To restart your computer, follow these steps:

  • Go to the start option in the bottom left corner of your screen, and click.
  •  Click the power button and then the shutdown option to restart it. 
  •  Then restart your device. This must make your computer a little smooth in performance. 
  1. Clear unwanted data – being clean and keeping things clean is important not only in the human world but in the computer world too. We don’t realize that unwanted or unused data like photos, videos, and files become junk and slow our computers. It is vital to dispose of them and has organized data. 

Download a Quick photo finder. This will clear all the junk and boost your system.  

Features : 

  • Finds similar or duplicate photos- it will scan your complete windows and show the results in the group. You can select and clear the data.
  •  Removes identified data- this will delete duplicate photos in no time.
  •  Improved storage space- when there is more storage space, your computer automatically improves functioning. By clearing all the unwanted junk, you’ll free up a good amount of space.  
  1. Uninstall least used apps – like clearing unwanted files and images, it is also important to uninstall non-essential apps. Just make sure you no longer need any app and uninstall it. It’s very easy and takes no time. Go to the start menu, select the control panel, then add or remove programs. Select the programs you longer wish to keep and remove them. Install and use only quality apps, old and poorly designed apps will only slow down the system, so make sure you research well about the apps before installing them.
  2. Unable to power settings to high power mode – it is not electricity friendly but will boost the performance of your system. You can change the settings by heading to system settings, power, and sleep, then under the related section, click the additional power setting option.
  3. Update to the latest version and applications – with older versions and applications, system compatibility is affected, so it is necessary to upgrade to the latest version of windows and other applications, which will boost your PC and enhance security. 

To upgrade your windows to the latest version, follow these steps:

  • Open settings, and select update and security.
  •  Click on windows update.
  •  Then check for updates and install if any new version is available.
  1. Run disk cleanup – Disk cleanup will help find all the junk files, offline web pages, temporary files, and installer files on your computer. Then gives the option to clear them at once. This will only let you lose space. However, it will optimize your PC. 
  2. Ensure your PC is Virus free – install some best antivirus software and protect your system against viruses. To do a complete scan for malware infection and viruses, follow these steps :
  • Open start and search for the window security 
  •  Select the result on top to open the app, then click on Virus and threat protection.
  •  Under the same section, click on check for updates.
  •  Select the full scan option and run a scan.
  •  After the scanning, the software will complete its task to detect and remove all the Malware and viruses impacting performance.

These are some of the important and basic steps you need to follow for better optimization of the Windows PC. But if you have a new computer and are facing issues, you can contact your customer care immediately for a better experience


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