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How to manually update android version on phone

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Android phones usually receive many software updates from their developers over the course of their lives. This update saves the device even more, introduces many features and fixes various bugs. Although this update is usually delivered to the device automatically, sometimes you want to do it manually. In this last part of the troubleshooting series, we’ll show you how to manually update your Access Android phones.

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How To Update Android Phone Manually

Method 1: Update Android phone manually with OTA Updates

You can also use your computer to upgrade your phone.

  • Download desktop software to your Android phone.
  • Install desktop software.
  • Connect your Android charger cable to the USB end computer and then connect the other end to your phone.
  • Open the manufacturer’s desktop software.
  • Find and click the Update option.
  • Select your latest file on request, and then follow each on-screen request.
  • This is a way to manually update Android phones

Method 2: Update your Android phone manually using the update package

There are cases where the device manufacturer has sent some updated files to the users on their website. You can download the latest system new package according to your phone brand model and then save it to the phone’s SD card. To update the Android version, you need to go to Settings> About Phone> System Update, when the phone displays the packaging package, click “Continue” to download and install the download. After restarting, your phone will be refreshed.

Method 3: Manually update your Android phone by rooting Device

This second method is only recommended for advanced Android users as it requires the device. Routing gives you full access to all operating systems, and these permissions allow you to change everything on the phone. Once you have the rooted device, you can update your phone to the latest software available. You can even install a trial version of Android on your device, but keep in mind that this may still be a problem.


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