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What is Google Account Manager?

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The Google Account Manager is a service that manages user credentials and allows a single identity to sign into multiple Google services without sharing passwords.
It’s been described as a Big Password for users who do not control their domains or web hosting and don’t have the privilege of using Single Sign-On with their email providers. Individuals on shared computers can use it; if someone else can access your account, they can log in.

This app is design to work with any Google service that implements the OpenID or single sign-on protocols. You can use your authentication details from other online accounts, like Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, and others.
This app allows users to log into their Google services directly from the desktop using a system tray menu (shortcut available). The user can search for contact information by name in Gmail without opening a web browser. Or quickly copy-paste text from one document to another. You’ll be able to access all your GApps features quicker than ever!

On 14 March 2012, Google announced users could sign in to the service with their existing Google accounts. The account manager provides a centraliz location for a user’s Google identity information that can be access regardless of how many different browsers and devices a user uses to access Google services, such as Gmail, YouTube, or Blogger. It has also added two-step verification security features in its upcoming mobile app release, which lets you authorize your computer via text message if you don’t have network connectivity, so you’ll never have to enter your password when offline again.

The Google account manager was releas on 19 April 2012, thus enabling users to enable a single sign-on experience. Signing in with the account manager is just like signing in from a regular browser session; users can choose their browser and operating system without worrying about being logget out of other devices or browsers they have already signed into using this feature.

Today we will test if bypassing the 2 step verification process is possible by installing a Backdoor application on Android. You can only access your Google Account through an Android device, so what happens when you move away from that last latch? At first glance: impossible, but not to our Gray hat community 😉
I want to present a tool called Google Account Manager 6.0.1 APK, tested against the latest FRP bypass version and approved to work in a practical environment.
Having an Android application that could defeat FRP on Google accounts, after a lot of research and unsuccessful attempts, the idea came up to create this tool for everyone.


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