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How to Draw a Girl For Beginners With Step by Step

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Today we have prepared for you a drawing lesson in the spirit of realism, which means that it will be more difficult than many other lessons offered on our resource. The topic of the lesson is “How to draw a girl from different angles” (step-by-step tutorials). So, let’s get started!

how to draw a girl


First of all, we need to decide on the pose, proportions, and location of our drawing on a piece of paper. It is also important to remember about the proportions of the female body – they differ from the proportions of the body of a man. Despite the individual characteristics of the appearance and proportions of each person (which, of course, can be an absolute exception to the general rules), in drawing textbooks, the silhouette of a woman, compared to the silhouette of a man, is usually shorter and smaller in size. There are several other differences:

  • Women have narrower shoulders than men, and wider hips;
  • The hands, wrists, and fingers of a woman’s hand are smaller and thinner than those of men;
  • The lower leg in women gradually tapers downwards and passes into a narrow ankle and a small foot.

First, we will outline the head and hair. Then we will draw the bend of the spine and the outlines of the arms and legs.

how to draw a girl


Let’s add some volume to the drawing. Let’s draw a neck in the form of a narrow cylinder that blends smoothly into the shoulders and back. Now let’s draw the arms in the form of narrow and elongated cylinders. Let’s draw circles as outlines for elbows and knees (don’t forget, they should be miniature – after all, we are drawing a girl, not the main character of The Incredible Hulk). We schematically depict the outlines of the hands. Take a close look at the contours of the body – because of the narrow waist and wide hips, the figure of the heroine should resemble an hourglass in shape.

When drawing the legs, try to use flowing lines to emphasize the femininity of the look. Let’s mark with lines the necessary bends in the area of the calves and arches of the feet.


Now we just erase the contour lines. Let’s draw the outlines of the railing – our girl is pensively leaning on them. Now the silhouette of the heroine is ready, but for now, it looks more like a mannequin. Starting with the next step, we will start drawing the details.


Let’s spice up our mannequin by adding some details. First of all, let’s draw the girl’s hair by drawing the strands. Draw some loose curls hanging down. Remember, it is extremely important to draw the hair from the roots to the ends. Outline the cheekbone and chin. Now let’s draw the ear and move on to the next step.


Finish off the girl’s hairstyle by drawing strands of hair with a few soft lines at the back of the head. Now outline the chest, shoulders, and the top of the heroine’s shirt. Do not forget to draw folds on the fabric of the clothes – these details will add realism to our drawing tutorials.


Outline the hands of the girl and draw details on her right arm; draw some contour lines in the elbow area and depict the hand. Draw the knuckles and the visible parts of the fingers of the hand. After that, draw the bottom of the shirt – its edge should be uneven, and in the center, there should be folds in the fabric.

how to draw a girl


Now let’s draw the lower part of the girl’s body. On the exposed part of her back, sketch out the line of the spine with a dotted line. Outline the shorts. Draw some folds in the fabric of the shorts. Outline the heroine’s legs with soft lines.


Now let’s draw long home socks on the legs of our heroine. Draw slightly uneven contours of the socks with soft, wavy horizontal lines.


Draw some vertical lines on the cuffs of the girl’s socks from mid-calf to ankle length. Outline the soles of the feet and draw folds in the fabric of the socks in the right places. Finish this step with an outline of the railing.

It was a tutorial with step-by-step instructions on how to draw a girl with a pencil. The lesson materials are specially prepared for you by the Drawingforall.net resource.

how to draw a girl


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