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How to Design Custom Printed Boxes That Make Your Brand Instantly Recognizable

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Whether you have just started in the retail business or are looking for an image makeover, custom printed boxes can be your instant ladder to enhanced brand popularity. These offer higher-grade material and flexibility to be molded in any shape and measurement you like.

Customized boxes may be more expensive as they are more complicated to manufacture. But the end results make the whole effort worthwhile. The distinct shapes, mixtures of shades, stunning graphics, and better-quality paper stock will definitely make the buyers take notice of the hard work put into the brand’s presentation. They are likely to appreciate it by purchasing the products boxed in mesmerizing containers.

Planning and production take up a lot of time and energy. These are also crucial departments that must work productively for the business to stay afloat. Planning involves taking the production outputs to appropriate platforms so they can generate higher returns. These involve product promotions and marketing gimmicks. A lesser-known fact about planning is that it doesn’t always have to cost you a fortune to attain a satisfactory level of brand recognition. The boxes in which your products are displayed can be turned into effective branding tools that take the brand to newer heights.

There are numerous other facets of customized boxes that can be a revelation for your marketing routine. Once you become familiar with these, your products will never look the same again!

If you are still unsure about the effects that modified packaging has as compared to brown and bland boxes, the following facts would surely prove to be an eye-opener.

Why businesses use custom logos?

Logos refer to a brand signature style in the form of graphical drawing that attaches brand awareness to the brand’s personality. This is the first thing you need to understand to apprehend the use of customized boxes in elevating the brand’s image among buyers and why companies prefer them over generic boxes. Here are some common reasons for such inclusion:

  • Custom logos help the customers to recognize your products because they look distinct from the rest.
  • You can conveniently print the boxes with relevant product info that is necessary for the apt usage of your products.
  • Re-order info can be printed so customers can easily place more orders and gradually foster loyalty with your brand.
  • It makes it easier to display your products in the same boxes in which they are transported. This enables one box to be employed for dual tasks.
  • You are essentially promoting your brand whenever someone sees your boxes. This is a more portable form of advertising than digital ads and less expensive than costly hoardings.

Superior printing techniques

Customization provides various printing styles to be incorporated for increased effects. Depending on your requirements, the printing inks, methods, and styles can be chosen. Such freedom is missing from brown boxes that say little about the brand identity. Custom printed boxes are sufficiently equipped with the right dynamics of customers’ demands. Not every customer demographic can be targeted with the same boxes. As there are varied features that customers respond to in every age or location group, so are the boxes design.

The boxes can be shaped up in any form that suits your products well. The following are some examples you can follow:

  • Folding cartons – they contain flaps on the top and sides so that the boxes get a good ‘lock’ system. This makes it easier to open and close the boxes repeatedly.
  • Display boxes – these are suitable for smaller items. They let the customers see the items before purchasing and are conveniently placed at cash counters to encourage impulsive buying.
  • Gable boxes – these are an innovative boxing style. With firm locks on the sides and a handle on top, the boxes are perfect for packaging fresh food items and more while giving the buyers enhanced convenience to carry the boxes around.
  • Sleeves and bands – they can make any general box look pleasant with covering that can be modified as per your needs. They offer a cost-effective solution for branding as well.

These are among some of the many choices at your disposal. Moreover, any other custom design can also be made to come alive with the help of professional artists.

custom printed boxes

Considerably lower costs and efforts

While many people think that customization involves more of the seller’s time and efforts, it is actually the other way round. Branded boxes can be multi-faceted when it comes to saving resources particularly in comparison to basic boxes. Here is why:

  1. The custom-made boxes provide an apt chance for branding. This is something that basic boxes fail to offer. Not knowing which brand the products belong to, cannot generate trust in the products. Customization links the items to the parent company and gives it a required identity that helps to fetch repeat orders.
  2. You can pick the best materials for your boxes to make them suitable for transiting items. It helps to safeguard the products while they are shipped to the buyers. Receiving the items in a pleasant form encourages the consumers to buy again and be brand loyal. Basic packaging lacks strength and can cost you rapid refunds.
  3. The basic boxes are not printed with engaging colors and textures and don’t give a solid reason to customers to choose your products over others. With tailoring, your boxes can look better and apt for use.
  4. Linking the whole marketing campaign with custom-made boxes fosters stronger brand appeal. Your marketing routine can reflect well with boxes that remind the buyers of your brand image. Hence, this saves costs in promoting excessively. With generic boxes, your marketing would need more space on digital platforms that are costly.

Overall, increased brand popularity improves sales and lowers replacement costs.


When planning custom printed boxes, the said facts can take the brand recognition to better levels. All your apprehensions must be cleared through this article that clearly mentions the comparative edge of customized boxes over non-modified ones.


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