Downsizing for a Move: Here is How you Do it

Downsizing for a Move

When moving to a new house, some people have so many items, so of which they don’t necessarily need. The problem with having too much stuff is that you not only get overwhelmed when sorting them out and packing, but your moving company will also charge you extra for the load. A moving company will probably charge you by the size and weight of your stuff. Therefore, you need to know how you can downsize the household stuff. This article will guide you on how to declutter and reduce the size of the load.

  • Evaluate your Assets

The first thing you need to do is evaluating your items. If you are relocating to a smaller house, make an inventory of your belongings. Separate the things you need from those that you don need. If you come across items you haven’t used for years, you should probably get rid of them. The reason for rationalizing is to make things easier for your move.

  • Sort Items One Room at a Time

Make the process simple by sorting things out room by room. Start with your bedroom, next is your kitchen, living room and so on. In each room, remove all the items you don’t require. You can have a box for putting things you need, another for things you need to throw away, and another one for those to put in storage. If you have sentimental items, consider putting them in storage.

  • Plan How you Will Get Discard the Unwanted Items

You will also need a plan on where you intend to take the unwanted stuff. If they are still in good condition, consider donating them. There are still people who will need them. The charities in the local area in need of clothes to give them to the needy. Take a step and help. You can also conduct a yard sale since your trash could be another person’s treasure. Some of the items may be in bad condition that you cannot donate or sell. That means you need to throw them away. Rent a spin dustbin.

  • Go Digital

If you have a lot of papers for various reasons, hard copy photos, movie, and music disks, you may have accumulated a lot of things. All these can be converted to digital form to ensure you have less space. The world today has endless possibilities. So, use them well. Scan the documents you will need in the future and throw away the rest. You can also rent a temporary storage unit and keep the items there. Some of them like old pictures are sentimental, and throwing them away may be hard. Therefore, a storage unit will work best.


Make sure you set ample time to declutter your household. There are a lot of things you will realize you no longer need. Ask your loved one or friends to help you with this. Downsizing will save you space, money and most importantly simplify your life. However, doing this takes effort and time. So, have plenty of time on your side to do this.

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