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Review Of The Video Game Shadow Of The Colossus

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It was back in 2005 when Shadow of the Colossus hit PS2 and became one of the best PS2 games ever. Thirteen years later this timeless classic was relaunched with a new coat of paint for the current generation of players.

So how does it hold?

In this update, we will cover all aspects of this game like graphics, gameplay, story and full experience in detail. However, to understand the interest of what we are looking at here, we need to look at another aspect of the game which is their Legacy. I am sure you play the game Warframe and enjoys the features like Warframe nitain extract, mesa prime build, etc. but this game is different from Warframe lets understand why?

Speaking of the timeless classic of video games, very few games have had the effect of Shadow of the Colossus. I remember when I first drilled a real SOTC on my PS2, back in 2005. I went in completely blind, not knowing anything about the game. No updates or updates back in the day. After the initial blockade of trying to get the equipment up, it was a moment of fear that only a few games could offer at that time.

I knew this was a rare art form that needed attention. I was not the only one who shared in this process. Almost anyone who has ever played this game had a soft spot in it, regardless of whether you finished it once or, like us, at least a dozen times.

But the games have been a long one since 2005. And the variety of types of developments we have experienced in these 2 generations of development since PS2 is amazing, which is why I am left speechless when I see how well the PS4 version works this game holds today.


Someone is trying to save the beloved Mono. Man is given the opportunity to do so by killing 16 colossus. Man does it. And then the end. But there is a bigger problem in this simple story. From Agro, your faithful backbone, to roaming, opposing and every 16 amazing colossi. All of this only leads to emotional punch every time you these colossies. And not to mention the two ends like a complete heartbreak, because it’s good.


Part of the SOTC charm lies in how simple everything is, and the complexity that causes all of this is born in the mind of the player. It may be because of the PS2’s limitations that it makes things so much easier, but Bluepoint games have used that simplicity and clear PS4’s reliability, which is delivered for free.

This game is one of the best looking games for PS4 right now. Everything in this game, from the plains to the long column itself, has been redesigned from the ground up. And the result is amazing. There is an amazing attention to detail in every nook and size of this game. And these indicators play an important role in the general knowledge of this brand.


The main SOTC gameplay includes a ride on the cursed earth plains behind your horse, looking for the next Colossi. You are left to find out where you can go with the help of your sword that reflects the rays of light in the direction of the target. Once you have found the Colossi, you need to figure out how to put them down as each of them needs different strategies and planning. This keeps the game clean all the way to the end. Reminding you of a simple game theme is your arsenal, consisting of just a sword, and a bow and arrow.

Even back in the days of PS2, we had games with better controls than SOTC. While we cannot say that this has been completely resolved in the restoration, there are some significant changes here. The button layout is designed to recruit modern game players, which can be restored to the original settings if you wish. In addition to this there is also a collection in the game now and some clever Easter eggs point to some of Mr Ueda’s games.

While the basic game can be completed in about 10 hours, longevity is provided with some difficulty settings and quirky rewards. And the simulated mode that says, well, the screen is a game screen and it sounds amazingly new. Add to this photo mode that lets you take screenshots of the game, with various filters and tools. Honestly, I have spent hours here and the end results are amazing.

All in all

The original SOTC in PS2 has taken away the spirit of the players and adds to the idea that video games are really art. It was timeless on its own and did not require a remaster. But this remaster was still being made and the result is Masterpiece. Had the PS4 been released in 2005, this may have been Fumito Ueda’s first impression. We may not know it, but as gamers, we can only thank the creators for making this happen. SOTC on PS4 is not only important but it is a timeless one that sets new standards for reimbursement.

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