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How Sunknowledge is the right RCM for your urgent care billing

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Today for financial success it is very essential to have experienced and efficient revenue cycle management (RCM) for dealing with the complexity of the medical system, especially in urgent care billing. This is why more than 97% of healthcare practices are opting out for an RCM solution with years of experience.

Sunknowledge an urgent care RCM solution:

Setting a benchmark, Sunknowledge Services Inc today offers all the heavy lifting work for your urgent care billing operation. Working for more than 15 + years, Sunknowledge services increase your productivity levels for individual processes, including billing, claims denials, and much more.

Maintaining a complete HIPAA compliance invaluable RCM data to improve productivity Sunknowledge experts offer to streamline processes and increase revenue. Tracking your RCM metrics and identifying your shortcoming; Sunknowledge Services works on improving your claims and accounts receivable process continuously. In fact, being excel in various billing software is an additional advantage with us.

Implementing a new RCM methods to improve your billing approach we further take care of complex coding issues which drastically help you improve your potency.

Reducing your chances of costly data entry errors, Sunknowledge tracks and monitor everything until you get paid. Proactively addressing all the challenges, we are further known to help you focus on patient care experience.

In fact, partnering with us gives you the additional benefits, as we are the number one in offering:

  • Reduction in operational cost by 80%
  • Reduction of billing and coding errors
  • Reduction in AR bucket by 30% within the first month itself
  • 99.9% accuracy rate
  • Better ROI in a matter of months
  • Highest productivity metrics

So if you are looking for results, a more efficient RCM process and a better care experience for your patients. We are the one stop destination. With years of experience in medical billing solutions and its complete features, we are a leading RCM solution.


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