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How Does PWA Benefit E-commerce Shoppers?

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In recent years, many e-commerce stores have integrated their websites with Progressive Web App (PWA). Doing that helps them have much more opportunities to reach out to customers and survive on the market.

However, PWA not only helps e-commerce sites but also brings their users a lot of advantages. So how can PWA benefit e-commerce shoppers? First, Let’s visit this PWA demo site, then find out more in this post.

1. Providing Faster And Easier Installation

It is convenient for customers to have the apps of their favourite stores on their phones. However, having a native app requires customers to have full commitment and engagement.

It takes users a great deal of time to find and download the mobile apps to their phones. First, they have to go to the App Store or Google Play and find the app they want to download. Next, they need to confirm again that they want to download the app. Then they have to wait for the downloading process to finish before they can explore and enjoy the app.

This complex process may discourage potential customers from downloading the app in the first place.

Thanks to the e-commerce Progressive Web App, this problem can be perfectly solved. With the help of the “add to home screen” function, customers can have an app on their phone in just a few seconds.

2. Offering App-like Features

Nowadays, users prefer apps to traditional websites because of the many benefits that apps bring to them.

Combining the feel and look of native apps with the best feature of the browser is the reason why many merchants now choose PWA.

Progressive Web Apps are able to make users feel like they are using a native app with their amazing app-like functions. With PWA, customers can:

  • Install PWA to their phone in just a few seconds and use it as an app
  • Experience full-screen display
  • Navigate between tabs and tabs smoothly
  • Have push notifications remind users to do something just like a native app

3. Increasing Security When Shopping Online

The security concerns of many customers when they shop online are no longer an issue thanks to PWA. Progressive web apps are only served through a secure portal such as HTTPS servers. Therefore, it can prevent any content meddling or man-in-the-middle attacks that may happen.

Besides, PWAs won’t interact with hardware and personal information without users’ explicit permission. This offers customers a more secure online form of transaction.

4. Helping Users Stay Up To Date Without Having To Update

Luckily, developers don’t need to publish PWA to app distribution stores like App Store or Google Play. This will save the time of waiting for update approval. Moreover, this feature will encourage developers to spend more time working on the update of the app.

Besides, PWAs have special functionality that allows them to update automatically without bothering users to give permissions. This means users don’t have to go to the App Store or Google Play to update their apps to the latest versions.

5. Being Accessed Across Countless Devices And Browsers

Unlike native apps that depend on operating systems and other technical issues, PWAs work everywhere.

PWAs are compatible with any device and browser regardless of different screen sizes and pixel widths. In addition, PWAs can be presented perfectly on both IOS and Android, which a native app cannot do.

Also, by providing users with a continuous experience, PWA can cross-support users that switch their devices.

6. Consuming Much Lower Device Storage

PWA for eCommerce requires far fewer data to be stored on users’ devices than its counterpart – a native app.

This would help reduce the chance users have to delete some of the existing native apps on their phones to download a new app from their favourite online shop.

Thanks to PWAs, users can have as many PWAs as they want without having to consider which app they should delete.

Another advantage of PWA is that it has no negative impact on the users’ battery and the whole performance of the phone in general.

7. Allowing Users To Access The App In Offline Mode

PWA can work even if the network connection is poor or even when there is no internet connection at all.

The ability to operate in poor or no network connection makes PWA much more convenient than a traditional website.

It is based on data of the last online access as it can be automatically saved and customers can open the app and view the last saved data at any time, anywhere.

If users try to open pages that they have not visited online, PWA will show them a custom offline page.

8. Sending Push Notifications To Inform Users Of Sales Discount

Like a native app, PWA also supports push notifications functionality. This feature allows online businesses to make the best use of their advertising.

By sending notifications to customers, PWA can help them keep in touch with e-commerce stores and not miss any good deals of the stores if retailers are running a sales campaign.

9. Boosting User Experience With Better Performance

PWAs offer a lot of features targeting better user satisfaction. They are designed to help users achieve their goals and shop more conveniently.

PWAs ensure smooth navigation when using the app, so customers will feel comfortable exploring it.

Besides, page loading speed is also an important factor to decide if users will stay at an online store’s site. With PWA, page loading speed is not a problem anymore.

All the features of short loading time, good performance even in poor or no internet connection conditions, small size, easy installation, etc. make PWA the perfect solution to enhance user satisfaction.

Let’s Be Progressive With PWA!

Online customers will undoubtedly benefit a lot from PWA. By combining the best features of both native apps and websites, PWA improves user experience and increases retention rates.

It’s a win-win for both customers and online store owners when the merchants consider eCommerce PWA development

Ready to integrate your websites with Progressive Web App?

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