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How Many Students Are in Gainesville University of Florida?

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Gainesville is a popular education destination in Florida, USA for worldwide students. The University of Florida is a popular university in this city, which provides quality education to students. This university is among the top 200 universities across the globe. According to the Times Higher Education University Ranking, it ranks #151 and according to the QS World University Ranking, it ranks #168 in the world.

Number of Academics Enrolled at the University of Florida, Gainesville

Every year, around 60000 students enroll in the University of Florida in Gainesville. More than 6000 international students choose this university for higher education.

Where International Students of the University of Gainesville Stay

There are different options for student housing Gainesville. Some students choose on-campus student housing. Besides, off-campus student housing is also getting very popular these days. This is because the off-campus housing is available in different price ranges and with numerous amenities for fun, fitness, studies, etc.

In an off campus housing Gainesville, you find a study desk and chair for your studies and there are special study rooms available in many of them. Besides, you can also find a swimming pool in the complex of many of them where you can enjoy swimming, playing, sitting on the deck, etc. A sun deck can also be found in many properties to get the sun bath.

Moreover, many student properties in Gainesville also have fitness centers that you can visit for your daily workouts. You may also find yoga rooms in many of them where you can perform yogic postures, breathing exercises, and meditation. Parking areas are also available in several student housing complexes. Many properties have games rooms, where you can enjoy playing games like pool with your co-residents.

In most accommodation properties, you can rent a bedroom in a student apartment Gainesville. You have to use the shared kitchen in your apartment. Bathrooms can either be shared or ensuite in the apartments in Gainesville.

You can find book housing near the University of Florida. Some of them are even within walking distance of less than 20 minutes from the university. You can get student accommodation in Gainesville a the price from $499/month to $719/month.

Popular student housing properties in Gainesville include Windsor Hall, Aero on 24th, BLVD Gainesville, Campus Circle, and Hideaway Gainesville.

How to Enroll in the University of Florida and Book Student Accommodation in Gainesville

You need to follow the online procedure on the University of Florida’s official website for the enrollment process. If you want to book on-campus accommodation, then also you need to take the help of the university’s website.

For off-campus student accommodation in Gainesville, you need to visit the websites of online student accommodation service platforms. On these websites, you find lists of student housing properties in different cities including Gainesville. From the list, you can select the property as per your preference and budget. You find a dedicated page for each property where you can read details.


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