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Updated Guide 2024: The Cost of Living in Derby (UK) For International Students

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Like every year, in 2024 also, numerous international students enrolled in Derby, UK. Derby is a city in the county of Derbyshire in England, and like many other cities in the United Kingdom, it has also gained some popularity for providing higher education to worldwide students. The University of Derby is located in this city and is ranked 48th out of 121 UK universities.

When students plan to live in a foreign city, they need to make some prior arrangements. Arranging funds is a major thing they need to do. For this, they should have estimates about the cost of living in that city. Therefore, here, you will get an updated guide for 2024 about the cost of living in Derby for international students.

Cost of Student Accommodation in Derby

Student accommodation in Derby UK is your major requirement after you enroll in that city. Therefore, the cost of student accommodation is the first thing that you need to know. You can find accommodations in Derby in different price ranges.

Different types of accommodations are available for students in Derby, concise information of whose prices can be read below.

1) Rent of Student Housing in Derby

Student housing refers to accommodation specially designed for students. In such accommodations, you can find facilities according to the requirements and preferences of students.

The rent of student housing Derby starts from a price of less than £100. You can get one of the lowest-priced accommodations here at £78 per week. For one of the highest-priced student accommodations, you may need to pay the weekly rent of £180.

2) Rent of University Halls in Derby

University halls, also known as halls of residence, are the accommodation types offered by universities and colleges. In university halls, you can find studios or ensuite student rooms Derby at monthly rents from £600 to £800.

3) Rent of Homestay in Derby

Homestays are the types of accommodations in which a family offers a tenant a place to stay in its home. Homestays are also offered to international students. Students can get a homestay in Derby at £30 per night, £189 per week, or £720 per month.

4) Rents of Private Apartments in Derby

Private apartments are turned into student apartments in Derby when they are rented by students. These are the general apartments that are often rented by students who want full freedom.

The lowest-priced accommodations in private apartments can be acquired between £500 and £600 per month. One of the highest-priced accommodations in a private apartment in Derby can be acquired at the monthly rent of £3,009.

Costs of Meals and Groceries in Derby

Meals and groceries are the daily requirements of everyone; therefore, the costs of meals and groceries will be significant to mention here.

In an inexpensive restaurant in Derby, you can get a meal at £17. A meal for two people in a midrange restaurant can be acquired at £50. McMeal in Mcdonald’s is available at £8.48 in this city.

In the groceries, you can buy 1 liter of regular milk at £0.98 here. Five Hundred grams of loaf of fresh white bread is available here at £1.36. You need to pay £1.70 for 1 kg of white rice. For 1 kg of local cheese, you need to pay £8.07.

For vegetables, which are the major parts of everyday groceries, you are required to pay £1.93, £0.56, and £1.12 to buy 1 kg of tomatoes, potatoes, and onions respectively. Besides, you can purchase fruits including 1 kg of apples, bananas, and oranges at £2.25, £1.53, and £2.27 respectively.

Bus Fares in Derby

To commute from one place to another, you will need buses in Derby if you don’t have your personal vehicle. So, knowing about the costs of bus fares is very important.

Until December 2024, the discounted bus fare of £2 will be charged. A spectrum ticket is available at £5.80 for adults and £3.82 for children. Day bus tickets for adults are available in Derby at £4.60 and for children £3.60. You can also get bus passes in Derby.


Student accommodation in Derby offers diverse options at varying prices, alongside affordable meals, groceries, and convenient bus fares for students in the city.


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