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How is Crystal Reports Server a perfect choice?

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Crystal Reports Server a perfect choice – Crystal Reports software is a valuable solution for reporting business statistics and deploying business intelligence. It is a simple report production tool with the ability to create reports with desirable formats. Therefore, it brings interactive visuals for forecasting business trends. Everything is managed with an easy-to-operate dashboard. In addition, using accessible functions to analyze the back-end database makes the Crystal Reports server a perfect choice for you.

Navicosoft provides Crystal Reports hosting with a standard Windows hosting package. We provide Crystal Reports hosting with Latest Plesk Control Panel along with the Windows packages. Therefore we ensure that your hosting on the Plesk account operates smoothly with Crystal Reports.

Here are a few features which make Crystal Reports server a perfect choice for any business.

Firmly Established Industry Leader

SAP is one of the world’s leading traditional business vendors. The major benefit of Crystal Reports is that you can feel confident. It is because SAP has the resources and control over the development cycles to make essential product improvements.

Moreover, with the increasing popularity of Crystal Reports, many consultants and partners have started depending on the Crystal Reports technology. Hence, with Crystal Reports hosting, you will never have trouble finding a developer. Furthermore, if you do encounter a problem, there are several online communities to help you, or you can always approach your hosting provider.

Affordable to Purchase

Small businesses are drawn to Crystal Reports Server since it is relatively inexpensive to purchase. It allows the developer to create formatted reports making the crystal reports server a perfect choice for small businesses. But if users need scheduled notifications, they will need to upgrade their Crystal Reports hosting.

Create Highly Formatted Reports

It requires a skilled developer in Crystal Reports language. But one of its benefits is that it has a flexible and customizable report design. Using Crystal Reporting, a developer can create highly formatted reports in any layout using up to 24 different languages.

Widely Embedded Technology

Crystal Reports Server is a widely embedded technology with many solutions that embed CR in their software. Several big companies embed Crystal Reports in their software.

Solid Set of Features

Even with a highly skilled developer, Crystal reports checks a lot of boxes when considering features. It connects to various data sources, and it integrates with multiple applications, such as Microsoft Office. Moreover, Crystal Reports hosting integrates with programming technologies such as Java and. NET. So, if your vendor is looking to embed reports into your technology, the developer can easily do that. He can write development code in any of the 24 languages he is familiar with.

Navicosoft is Among the Top 10 Crystal Reports Hosting Providers!

If you are starting a business and searching for Crystal Reports Hosting, Navicosoft is your stop. We are among the top 10 Crystal Reports hosting providers around the globe. Especially if you are tired of limitations on your hosting account, we provide unlimited hosting packages for you to enjoy a smooth setup. Our support team is extremely fast to help you with Crystal Reports hosting account setup or any other issues. We are 24/7 available on chat, phone, and tickets to make Crystal Reports Server a perfect choice for you.


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