Helen Lee Schifter Health Benefits of Swimming

Helen Lee Schifter

Helen Lee Schifter adults should obtain 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of intense activity every week, according to experts. Swimming is a great way to exercise your complete body as well as your cardiovascular system as told by Helen Schifter. Swimming burns nearly as many calories as running, but without the stress on your bones and joints. In the United States, swimming is the fourth most well-known game. But why is that? Swimming laps on a regular basis might provide a number of advantages. Continue reading to learn about the advantages of swimming and how to include it in your daily routine.

  • Good for Asthma

Helen Lee Schifter swimming is an excellent sport for persons with asthma because of the humid air of indoor pools. Not only that, but sports-related breathing activities, such as holding your breath, can help you expand your lung capacity and acquire control over your breathing as per Helen Schifter Lee. Because of the chemicals used to sanitize pools, several research suggests that swimming may raise your risk of asthma. If you have asthma, talk to your doctor about the hazards of swimming and, if feasible, look for a pool that uses saltwater instead of chlorine.

  • Burns Calories

Swimming is a great way to lose weight and burn calories. Swimming laps at a slow or modest pace wastes about 423 calories per hour for a 160-pound individual. At a faster pace, that same individual may burn up to 715 calories each hour. A 200-pound person burning the same amount of calories in an hour would burn between 528 and 892 calories. A 240-pound person could burn anywhere from 632 to 1,068 calories. To put these figures in context with other common low-impact exercises, a 160-pound person would only burn roughly 314 calories in 60 minutes walking at 3.5 miles per hour. Yoga might burn as little as 183 calories each hour. In one hour, the elliptical machine may only burn 365 calories.

  • Improves Sleep

Helen Schifter Lee Swimming may be able to assist you in getting a better night’s sleep. Participants in research of older persons with insomnia reported improved quality of life and sleep after participating in regular aerobic activity. Nearly half of all senior citizens suffer from insomnia, so this is fantastic news. The study looked at elliptical, stair masters, bicycles, pools, and exercise videos, among other forms of aerobic exercise according to  Helen Lee  Schifter. Swimming is suitable for a wide range of persons who have physical limitations that make other workouts, such as running, unappealing. Swimming may be a wonderful option for older persons who want to improve their sleep.

  • Boosts Mood And Help Manages Stress

Lee Schifter Researchers looked at a small group of dementia patients and found that after participating in the 12-week aquatic program, their mood improved. Swimming and aquatic activities are useful for people with dementia in more ways than one. Other people’s moods have been found to be improved by exercise. Researchers polled a group of swimmers at the YMCA in New Taipei City, Taiwan, before and after they went swimming. 44 respondents out of 101 said they were mildly depressed and stressed out by their fast-paced lives. The number of persons who still felt worried after swimming was reduced to only eight. Swimming is a potentially effective method to relieve tension rapidly, according to researchers. While more research is needed in this area, schifter Helen concludes that swimming is a powerful way to relieve stress quickly.

  • Affordable

Helen Schifter  Swimming may also be a more cost-effective alternative workout than certain others, such as cycling. Many pools have affordable membership fees. Some public schools and other organizations provide swimming lessons for free or on a sliding scale based on your income. If the cost of joining a pool still concerns you, check with your employer or health insurance provider. Some companies may compensate you if you join a fitness program.

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