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How Can I Extract Phone Number & Emails From LinkedIn?

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How Can I Extract Phone Numbers From LinkedIn?

LinkedIn or any other social media website wants your phone number when you sign-up. This is the correct step; it can help secure your account with two-factor authentication. On the flip side, this makes it easy to reveal the private phone numbers of virtually anyone on LinkedIn, including businesses and employees.

You often need your friend’s phone number due to sending some critical files or any other; at that time, you keep checking their profiles to get the email address or phone number for marketing purposes. Yes, it’s possible, and you can easily do this using LinkedIn Lead Extractor software. We will look at how LinkedIn Phone Number Finder would do this and how to export contacts from LinkedIn to Excel.

LinkedIn, the largest Social Media Platform, is connecting billions of professionals and businesses across the World. You may contact many people & become friends on LinkedIn. You can quickly reach your LinkedIn Connections via email or phone. If you want to ask only for some of their contact details, you manually get them through their LinkedIn profile.

But, It becomes a very tedious task to go through manually to everyone’s profile to get contact details. Don’t worry. I am here for your help. I believe in Smart Work rather than Hard Work. We have already shared an excellent tool for getting your LinkedIn connections’ Email Addresses and phone numbers. In this article, we are here to devise a smart way to export LinkedIn contacts or phone numbers. Let’s check it out.

Find And Export Emails & Phone Number From Linkedin With LinkedIn Lead Extractor

Yes, you can quickly get or extract phone numbers and other contact details of all your LinkedIn Friends without doing any exercise with the help of the LinkedIn Leads Finder Tool.

This is a LinkedIn automation tool for doing many tasks on LinkedIn with just a couple of clicks, for example: find emails LinkedIn, phone numbers on LinkedIn, etc. Let’s understand the step-by-step procedure below to find contact details from LinkedIn.

Step 1:

First, Install ‘LinkedIn Lead Extractor’ on your Computer or Laptop. After installing this software, an icon will appear on your desktop.

Step 2:

Now, log in to your LinkedIn account.

Step 3:

Just click on the LinkedIn Email Extractor to start it.

Step 4:

After starting the software, search for your target on LinkedIn by name or profile URL. According to your query, you will see thousands of profiles in LinkedIn search results.

Step 5:

You can specifically search results or can select all.

Step 6:

After selection, click the “Start Extraction” button to get all the data from LinkedIn search results. 

Step 7:

You also have the option to export this whole extracted data and save it in your system in CSV, Excel, or Text files for future use.

This is all about extracting contact details from LinkedIn search results and profiles. With the LinkedIn mentioned above Data Extractor, you can easily remove all the mobile numbers and other contact details associated with your and your connections’ LinkedIn profiles. Use the LinkedIn Phone Number Extractor to get all the contacts with a single click.


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