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Famous Mithai You Can Try in Pakistan

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After dinner, everybody likes a savory cake. Undoubtedly, any meal cannot produce a dessert. But don’t have to fret, by special mithai in Pakistan you will satisfy your sweet craving. Nothing can be toothier than tasty fresh mithai if you need a sweet to enrich your snack time or a dessert after your dinner.

You would certainly love to have a juicy bite of sweets with heavy tea when you are a tea lover. Remember if the sugar intake dropped to a low degree and you have nothing to eat, what are you going to do? We recommend that you eat a portion of your favorite mithai in order to normalize your blood glucose.

You should give your kid a slice of mithai instead of handing him a chocolate bar in order to make him aware of his typical sweets.

A celebration without sweets is incomplete, whether it’s a wedding or a graduation ceremony. Mithai is one of Pakistan’s popular sweets to enjoy. If you’re a diabetic, there’s no need for bakeries to get up, particularly barfi, to satisfy your sweet desire. Whatever the happiness experience it is, the mix sweets will bring colors to the joys.

These are The 5 Famous Mithai In Pakistan That You Should Try.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is Pakistan’s best-known mithai. The Mithai is a typical Mughal sweet. You would certainly enjoy the softness and juicy taste if you try it. As you know what the gulab jamon is called, much like fruit Jamun and Gulab because of the pure sweet color because of the rose water.

You may assume that sweet is fried or pink, but that is not the case. The Mughals remembered his delicious fragrant and dark round looks. Since then, the gulab jamun has been called this mithai. You’ll definitely enjoy such a delicious lure in your mouth.

Barfi Barfi

Barfi is one of Pakistan’s popular candies. It’s the easiest edition of everybody’s milk sweets to eat. Barfi is creamy mithai milk which typically has a little cardamom and Safran taste. You should only eat a good sweet. The barfi is baked in saffron cardamom flavored milk by combining crumbled paneer cheese, powdered sugar, and cut nut.

These sweet white or yellow mithai are both carved and cardiac. Take heart-shaped barfi and say sorry to your loved ones, if you are upset with them. This barfi’s sweetness will certainly help you add the same sweetness to relationships.

Habshi halwa

Another safe and favored mithai for everyone is Habshi halwa. You might think of it as a standard halwa, but that’s not how it is. This unique hawthorn is a milk-rich reddish or brownish mithai usually made with a mixture of sugar, ghee, nuts, sprouts, milk, and aromatic spices.

Some bakeries have cardamom, pink water, saffron, or Kewra to give this candy a soft feel. The most healthy and famous mithai of elders is the crucible creamy halwa with almonds, Cassavetes, walnuts, and pistachios. Only have dinner and you can eat Habshi halwa as a snack!

Sohan Halwa

Sohan Halwa is Pakistan’s best traditional mithai ever so popular in other countries. You would be surprised if Sohan halwa is prepared in various styles and each edition is fantastic.

In general, rice, lemon, ghee, sugar, water, and brown wheat are blended together. The mixture is boiled for a number of hours before a dark, caramel-like color is formed. Whatever form it’s got, the crunchy, dry-nut-flavored Sohan Halva is a candy replica for your children.


Jalebi is one of Pakistan’s most enticing sweets. It is usually available in yellow and orange. This mithai is mainly cherished and spread at special sacred occasions among others. With a crooked jalebi frame with a juicy texture, your heart will definitely melt into love with this incredible blackbird.

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