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What Causes Facial Redness and How Can It Be Managed?

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Facial Redness

One often sees people with sensitive skin and facial redness due to a skin condition called Rosacea. The face appears red or flushed due to the visibility of blood vessels in the face. In extreme conditions, small pus-filled bumps may also appear on the face.

Whenever facial redness flares up, it can make a person feel self-conscious although it does not directly affect the health.

Laser and IPL Treatment for Rosacea

One of the best treatments for facial redness is with different types of lasers and medicinal peels.

For people who have rosacea, lasers target the symptoms of skin redness and patches of visible blood vessels by targeting blood vessels. During the laser treatment, light is pulsed at an optimal wavelength to penetrate visible blood vessels. The heat from the lasers (which comprises light of a certain wavelength being focused) deflates the tiny red blood vessels.

During Intense Pulsed Light therapy (IPL), several wavelengths of light are released at once for treatment. This differs from laser therapy where only one wavelength of the laser is focused on the skin.

Lasers and IPL lead to the reduction of skin rashes and are also actively used for acne scar treatments.

Results of Lasers and IPL

Lasers give effective results and can be considered a painless skincare treatment. The advantage of IPL is that it helps get rid of unwanted redness and reduces unwanted pigment at the same time, thereby giving an even skin tone to the skin.

According to the doctors of Clinic Dermatech lasers, especially technologically advanced IPL is a good choice for skincare treatments. Many clients see good results as these treatments help eliminate visible blood vessels from the face. Not only does the redness reduce, but also the texture of the skin is dramatically improved. It’s also used to correct vascular lesions and excess tissue that can make the nose appear bulbous, a symptom of Type-3 rosacea.

Most people see a 50 to 75 percent reduction in facial redness symptoms after one to three treatments. Results can last for up to five years.

One of the best things about rosacea treatments is that they double up as acne scar treatments. This leads to the reduction of marks and scars – a bonus of this skincare treatment.

Minor side-effects of light itching and redness are temporary and usually subside in a few days. Doctors usually advise that one should not step into the sun directly and apply sunscreen without fail to prevent further skin redness.

Clients usually need several sessions of skincare treatments whose cost depends on the severity of the symptoms and the number of sessions needed.

Other treatments of Rosacea:

Doctors usually recommend topical medications along with antibiotics to manage and treat skin redness. Strong anti-acne medicines too are given in extreme cases.

Another skincare treatment that is suggested is chemical peels. Peels are solutions that are applied to the top layer of the skin and which remove the top layer to reveal blemish-free younger skin. This treatment helps in reducing skin rashes as it takes off the red layer of the skin. The treatment is safe and only gentle peels comprising of fruit-derived natural acids are used for treating this condition.

The Final Word

The best policy to treat rosacea is to visit a dermatologist. Medical journals say that there is no final cure for this so the doctor will suggest solutions to reduce the symptoms of facial redness and manage it over time.

One recommended place to go for treatment of rosacea is Clinic Dermatech which has over 20 clinics across India in 13 cities. Their doctors suggest personalized solutions depending on the client’s condition, time frame available as well the results desired.


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