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Go through this to know various features of Huawei smartwatch gt

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The Huawei smartwatch gt is a high-quality device that may be used seven days a week, 24 hours a day. It also contains a speaker, allowing you to use it to make phone conversations with a connected phone, much like an Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch. It does not have access to a third-party app store and only receives basic notifications from your phone.

To date, Huawei’s most comprehensive smartwatch is now accessible, with a better monitoring system, GPS, and offline music playback. It’s a great GPS sports watch, but it’s not available in the US. The Watch is the market leader in smartwatches and if you want a watch that can run third-party apps there is no other choice.

Garmin and Galaxy GPS fitness watches with full motion detection and offline audio integration are popular. The Huawei smartwatch gt has many of the same features and functions as the Garmin and Samsung watches but at lower prices.

Huawei smartwatch gt

Design of Watch

The watch’s back is primarily matte-finish hard plastic, with a blood pressure monitor projecting in the middle. The charging ball carrier, which has magnets for precise alignment and a USB-C connection that attaches to a charging cable, also fits here.

Two huge buttons and a headphone aperture are located on the right side. The huawei smartwatch gt has a microphone and a speaker; users can make calls and texts using a paired phone right from the watch. The microphone can also play music if your earphones die or if you wish to work out while listening to music. It’s a reasonably loud and useful speaker.

The rightmost button opens the application launcher and returns you to the lock screen, whereas the bottom right-hand button opens the activity launcher. While on the exercise launcher screen, the bottom button can also be used to select items. By pressing and holding the top button. You can restart or switch off the watch.

Different watch’s faces to pick

When you turn on your watch, the smartwatch is the first screen you see. To see the available watch faces, press and hold the display.There are 14 various faces to pick from, some of which can be customized in certain ways. There are both digital and analog options, so the selection is quite broad.

You can also select an always-on traditional or digital watch face. Huawei, on the other hand, claims that the latter will drastically diminish your battery capacity. To save battery life, I reverted to raise-to-wake after roughly a week of use.

Health and Fitness app

Huawei’s Lite OS, similar to Samsung’s Tizen OS in many aspects, powers the Huawei wristwatch GT. For Android and iOS devices, Huawei’s Health app is available.

Scroll down from the watch face on the display to access quick settings.Do not interrupt showtime; find phone, alarm, and settings are among them. With these tight controls, you can see the connection status, battery backup, date, and weekday.

To establish and use the Huawei Watch GT, download the Huawei Health app to your Android or iOS smartwatch. Health, fitness, gadgets, and profile are the four aspects of the app.

The health tab shows you how many steps you’ve done recently, as well as how much active time your watch has recorded. Exercise, heart rate, sleep, weight, and stress are all depicted below as small thumbnails. These can also be rearranged and modified.


Like contemporary Garmin, Polar, and Fitbit models, the Huawei Watch GT is a capable 24/7 activity tracker with an enhanced sleep tracking solution (sleep score and REM). It also has an intelligent wake feature that lets you construct a band around your alarm time to wake you up while you’re still sleeping.

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