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French Cooking – La Suerte, Marjane and More!

Must Read

Marjane Clerick’s latest book, Marjane’s Catalog was definitely one of my most interesting and enjoyable reads. I have to say it was in fact one of the most enjoyable books I have ever read. The writing style is extremely engaging and easy to follow. I especially enjoyed the many poems. If you are a poetry lover like me you will absolutely love this book.

This book chronicles the lives of four famous women and how they managed to seduce the rich and famous, as well as married men. Each woman in the book had quite a unique personality and was able to seduce rich and famous men. It seemed as if they all had their own little “power play”. In this book, you get to see all these women in their own words and you will truly be intrigued by what they did and how they achieved their success.

As I mentioned earlier

There is a great variety of women in this book from which to choose. There is the quiet confident woman who is successful at her job but is not as outgoing as she is on her phone. Then there is the shy and sophisticated woman with an excellent job, a perfect career, a supportive family and an easy going personality. Then there is the beautiful yet bold and exotic beauty who is bold and sexy and is very involved in political and social affairs. And then of course there is the stunning young woman with big boobs, wearing a bikini, who has been invited to a wine tasting party by her crush.

All these women

Are in their own world but they also have the same desire and ambition to have a great time while doing it. It’s almost like they all live for the moment and have a great energy about them. The book opens with a beautiful and moving quote which reads “When you know how to laugh at life, the rest is easy”. This book certainly makes me think of that saying and with its delightful illustrations, The Quiet Season by Marjane Catalogue Marjane Juice offers her readers some excellent entertainment.

One of the things I really like about the book is the quotes. For example, one is “pour la rentr e 2021”, which means “let us pour love onto the world”. This is followed up by “laissez faire un ciel.” Which means “let us smile”.

Also included

Are some of the most exquisite recipes that are described in detail. They are mainly from the Carta Blanca region of Spain, and they are spectacularly delicious. I especially enjoyed the “black garlic soup” and the “mango soup”. In the past, I have enjoyed the “caciocavallo” soup from the Catalogue, and I found this recipe to be absolutely delicious.

The recipes

In The Quiet Season seem to be coming from many other regions around Spain as well, including the Pyrenees and the Basque. This is probably due to the fact that Marjane has been to these regions herself, and understands their cooking styles. As well, because she has spent so much time in this part of Spain, she has developed such a good eye for regional flavor that she can produce something out of any ingredient that comes her way. Her black garlic soup was made from caciocavallo mushrooms grown in the mountains of the Catalogue; So her “black garlic roulade” was created from rutabaga mushrooms picked from the Pyrenees; her “marjoram and pearl mushrooms” were sourced exclusively from Montelius. All of these ingredients have an incredible aroma, and when mixed together create a truly sensational dish.

For those who would like to try Marjane’s food for the first time

I highly recommend her La Suerte. It comes in a delicious teriyaki chicken dish, and marjoram and pearl mushrooms. Now it is extremely filling, and I found myself reaching for more even after the first bite. It was then that I decided that I would like to try the other recipes from the catalogue; I particularly enjoyed the “bay and barley soup with rhubarb and kale” and the “roasted butternut squash with wild spinach leaves” as well as the “garden egg omelette”. If you are unfamiliar with these dishes, they are simple and tasty, perfect for a lunchtime meal or for a light dinner. The Marjane catalogue adhaurst is also worth trying; it has a wonderful spicy tomato soup that is served with crackers.


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