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Boston Puppies for Sale

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Boston Terriers Great Small Dogs for Apartment Living

If you are thinking of a puppy living with you in an apartment, you should consider a Boston Terrier. You will find boston terrier puppies everywhere for sale by excellent breeders. Since Boston Terriers are 15 to 17 inches tall and weigh 10 to 25 pounds, they are small enough for any apartment. The great thing about Boston Terriers is that they don’t flutter like small breed dogs, so you shouldn’t have any problems with your neighbors. Bostons are loving and happy dogs that will bring a lot of joy into your life. To see the Boston Terriers in action, watch the Boston Terrier YouTube videos. Better yet, go see the Boston puppies for sale.

AKC Standard Boston Terrier colors – black, brindle or seal (black with red highlights). Bostons have white markings on their faces that make each dog truly unique. They also have white breasts and white fore and hind legs. When you go to sell Boston puppies, you will notice that each dog can be distinguished by the white markings on the face.

You will also find that there are other colors of Boston puppies for sale. Although these colors are not an American Kennel Club standard, the dogs themselves are registered with the AKC if both parents are purebred AKC Bostons. One of the types of “colored” Boston – chocolate or brown Boston Terrier. Another species is the “blond” or white terrier. When you call a breeder in Boston, ask what color his or her Boston puppies are for sale.

You will be pleased to know that boston terrier puppies near me by good breeders are smart and easy to train. Bostons respond well to praise in training, patience and consistency. They are quite sensitive to the tone of voice, so such loud commands are ineffective (and in an apartment it would still be nice).

Boston Terriers are very happy to be indoors most of the time. Sure, you’ll need to take them outside periodically throughout the day, but they won’t want the long walks that you would need for some other dogs. Plus, Bostons generally shouldn’t spend a lot of time training in hot or cold weather, which is a great quality for those of us who don’t want to do it for ourselves.

If you’re an empty grower who is downsizing, you’ll be interested to know that Bostons are really great with us elders. They will love the visits of their grandchildren, and then they will be happy to take a nap with you.

No matter what age you are, you will love having a Boston Terrier. When you see boston terrier puppies for sale, you will have a great time choosing only the right puppy. You will always be glad that you have made the decision to adopt a Boston Terrier as a companion.

Boston Terrier health

The life span of a Boston Terrier with good care is 10 to 14 years or more. Health problems in this breed often include allergies, joint dislocations, deafness, seizures, corneal ulcers, and inability to withstand excessive anesthesia or high fever.

They can also have heart and skin problems. Their bulging eyes are vulnerable. Boston puppies can also have trouble breathing when stressed from hot or cold weather. It is difficult for them to give birth because of the narrow pelvis and large head. Therefore, the Boston Terrier usually gives birth by caesarean section.

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