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How to Choose a Perfect Flow Meter For Your Application?

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Flow meters are used to hold the volume of fluid flowing through a pipe, which is essential for most industrial methods.
As is often the case, there are various analysis technologies available. To pick the right technology, it is vital to know the kind of fluid you will regulate the flow of fluid or gas, clean or loaded, and the temperature and pressure requirements of the method.
This purchasing guide does not deal with flow signs that do not hold the flow rate value but show whether the fluid moves within a circuit.

How to choose a flow meter?

There are many different technologies used for flow meters that use other physical aspects. Most technologies can hold a volumetric flow rate, the volume of fluid passing by a pipe for a specific period. But some technologies can maintain a mass flow rate, the mass of liquid passing by a pipe for a detailed period. You can determine the volumetric flow rate from the mass flow rate, vice versa, when the components of the liquid mass, etc., are known. Still, it is better to ask yourself from the source what data concerning the flow will be needed to pick the suitable technologies.
Another essential factor when picking flow meter technology is the nature of the liquid. The following table exhibits which fluids are agreeable with each kind of flow meter:

Why pick an orifice flow meter?

If you want to hold the volumetric flow rate of a fluid or gaseous medium, we suggest using an orifice flow meter.
The law behind an orifice flow meter is almost easy: an orifice plate is injected into the flow, and the constriction created by the vessel makes a pressure drop. The flow meter holds the pressure variation before and after the orifice plate and defines the volumetric flow rate.
Orifice flow meters are not changed for scrap-laden liquids because the abrasion created by the dissolved particles ultimately corrodes the orifice, changing its state and size, changing the analysis.
Orifice flow meters are famous because of their efficiency but also because of their low price.

Why choose a venturi flow meter?

Venturi flow meters are used to regulate the volumetric flow rate of a clean or stored fluid or gaseous medium. This kind of flow meter holds the pressure variation caused by the passage of the liquid into a venturi, this variation being equal to the flow rate of the liquid.


As you can see, there are some numbers to seeing the right flow meter, and the ones we have listed are only the basics. This does not even touch on the different choices in various types. The best way to get the right meter is to get help with your search and team up with specialists in the field—knowledge matters.
It is vital to get your knowledge from people who know these difficult and essential tools. To let proteus help hunt for the proper flow meter for your wants, please contact us.
When you have chosen the proper flow meter, the next step is fixing this device. It gives some valuable tips when placing a mass flow meter.


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