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What Should I Do if my NICOP is Lost or Stolen?

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If you have misplaced your NICOP and need to renew it, please visit our website. We can assist you recover your lost NICOP in only a few minutes. As soon as you provide us with your NICOP number, our skilled staff will begin searching for your missing card. It’s that simple. If your card is lost or misplaced, we are always there to assist you since delivering the finest service possible is our top concern. With our amazing and quick tracking service, you can simply get misplaced or lost NICOP.

For Pakistanis living abroad, renewing their NICOP is essential to avoiding complications and ensuring a smooth arrival in Pakistan. The process usually includes filing an application, presenting the necessary documentation, and paying the associated costs. Individuals who renew their NICOP may meet immigration criteria and have access to services and benefits offered to Pakistanis living abroad while in Pakistan. This provides a hassle-free experience and allows people to enjoy their stay in Pakistan without worry.

Processing Time:

Our major goal is to help others and exceed their expectations. Our bright, motivated, and collaborative staff are an essential part of our success. Our services are swift and safe, and we are always here to help you. We work nonstop every day to guarantee that we can provide the fastest and most effective service. Our services are distinguished for their effectiveness and responsiveness. If you need to apply Nadra Card Renewal, we could have it sent to your home. The Executive Service delivers within 7 to 10 working days, whilst the Normal Service takes 30 to 45 days.

NICOP Card Should Not Be Expired:

To continue using your NICOP as a valid form of identification once it expires, you must renew it. To minimize hassle, renew your NICOP before its expiration date. If it has expired, you may have problems traveling or using some services until you renew it. Late NICOP Renewal may result in penalties or fines. If you are currently outside of Pakistan and your NICOP has expired, you can renew it at Nadra Card Center UK. We will walk you through the necessary documentation and processes for the renewal process. So if your NICOP is lost or expired, renew it as soon as possible.


In conclusion, renewing your NICOP before it expires is critical for a seamless experience and avoiding any issues. We are here to help you get a lost or expired NICOP swiftly and efficiently. Our professional staff is committed to providing our clients with the finest possible service. We recognize how important your NICOP is that’s why we make sure you have a satisfying experience. Visit our website to start the renewal process and get started immediately.


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