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Candle Boxes

Candles have been lighting our way in the dark for a very long time. Back in the day, they had one purpose, but now candles have many different purposes. Candles have been in demand for a long time. With that demand increases the need for candle boxes. Candle boxes that are compact and designed with style increase the candle’s attraction value. It is also a plus if they are made with materials that are tough and eco-friendly. They not only provide extra security to the candles while protecting the environment from harmful toxicity. Most of the packaging industry uses graphical designs and images that increase the visual appeal. Window-style boxing is also in a fashion that adds to the aesthetic sense of the Candle Boxes. At the innovative packaging, we go above and beyond to cater to all your candle boxing needs.

Build trust with high-quality Candle Boxes Wholesale

The main factor you cannot skim on is the quality of the candle boxes. Your business and brand are recognizable for their excellent quality and durability. These boxes protect your product from any harm and deliver your candles safe and sound to your customer’s doorstep. The innovative packaging uses materials like cardboard paper, kraft paper, cardboard box and corrugated boxes that are strong and sturdy. packages are also be customized according to your product protection requirement 

Go green with  Custom Candle boxes in the USA.

The innovative packaging uses materials like cardboard paper, kraft paper, cardboard box and corrugated boxes that are 100 % biodegradable and recyclable. People in the 21st century are more worried about the environment than ever before. That is why they are conscious of buying materials that are harmful to the environment. Therefore, choosing good quality material that is high grade, has a suitable thickness, can offer maximum protection and causes no pollution are beneficial to your brand name.

Finishing is essential

At the innovative packaging, we offer the best options for increasing the visual appeal of the candle boxes. It gives an elegant look to the candle boxes that will impress your customers without a doubt. When you customize your candle boxes, you do not forget to put the finishing touches on them. The innovative packaging offers the best finishes options like 

  • Gloss
  • Matte
  • Soft-touch
  • Gold and silver foil
  • Colored foil sheets
  • Aqueous lamination 

Each of these coating options is amazing to look at and enhances the external visual factor of your candle boxes by x100. Customers buy your candles because they look more beautiful than all the others on the shelf. That is the reason people put so much effort into making them look gorgeous.

Window boxing style

There are countless other styles to box candles, but window style is the classic is the favorite of all the customers no matter what. In our opinion, the window boxing style is always the best option to choose. No matter what your product is, this style always suits them. But, of course, you can also choose our other boxing styles like die-cut technology instead of using the dull old square and rectangular-shaped boxes. 

There is also another option that is popular with our customers, and that is transparent packaging. It helps you in winning your customers’ trust by displaying your product for them to see. Showing them with no strings attached to what you are selling makes your packaging different to attract customers. Including this feature in your packaging will bring you overnight success and profits in sales. 

How do your Luxury Candle Boxes represent your brand?

As you know, there are tons of various kinds of candles out there. And manufacturers love to brand their candles with their logos and brand names by labeling them with it. Many companies get them manufactured in distinct shapes and colors that signify a holiday or events like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, valentines day, and more! 

Colors, decorations, and scents can vary from candle to candle. It is what sets your candles apart from your competition. We can print anything you want on them—any color combination, logo design, images, doodle, different patterns, and so much more. Premium textures also make your candle boxes with color look luxurious and stylish. It is an exciting feature you can avail of at the innovative packaging. 

Addons are the best toppings!

Many people might think inserts are the most enhancing feature of the candle boxes. Even some get their candle boxes printed like they have prominent features like inserts and such. The dividers inside the packaging make it more protective of your candles. These inserts help our candle maintain its proximity with the insides of the packages to prevent it from damaging itself or denting itself. Candles are very fragile and need to be protected from sunlight, unnecessary heat and water, most importantly, moisture. The coating inside of the packages protects your candle from all these elements and much more. It also prevents any potential breakage or movement of the product during harsh shipping conditions.

They also increase the sturdiness of the whole package. It makes it more stable and structured to absorb any tension and dents. These inserts consist of cardboard materials or card papers. It is totally up to you. We at the innovative packaging will cater to all your Custom Printed Candle Boxes needs.

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