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Had a Car Accident? How to Find the Best Lawyer to Represent You

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Were you recently in a car accident? You’re not alone. In fact, over 6 million car accidents occur in the US each year.

If you were recently in a crash, it’s important to know how to hire a lawyer you can trust. A reliable lawyer will fight for the compensation you deserve. With their help, you can file a claim and cover your losses.

Not sure who to hire? Here are the seven tips you need when learning how to find the best lawyer around. With this advice for hiring a lawyer, you can narrow down your options.

Then, you can fight for the compensation you’re due.

Build your case with the best lawyer at your side! Start your search with these seven tips today.

1. Gather Referrals

First, talk to your friends and family members. Ask if any of them have hired a car accident lawyer in the past. Then, take the time to learn more about their experience.

For example, you can ask:

  • Was the lawyer confident
  • Did they have strong communication skills
  • Were they knowledgeable
  • How much did they win for your claim
  • Would you hire them again

Speaking with people you trust could help you find a lawyer you can trust.

If your inner circle hasn’t hired a car accident lawyer, that’s okay. Ask if they’ve worked with a law firm for another reason. For example, maybe they drafted their will or filed for a divorce.

Then, determine if the law firm also handles car accident cases. 

If you still can’t find a referral, head online. Google “good lawyer near me” and start making a list of options. You can also check your local bar association website. The Martindale-Hubbel directory is a great place to start, too. 

2. Look for Experience

There are now over 135,000 personal injury lawyers and attorneys in the US. Not every personal injury attorney will have the experience you need, though. In fact, personal injury lawyers handle a mix of cases, including:

  • Auto accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Premise liability
  • Product liability
  • Slip and falls
  • Defamation

You can even break these categories down a little further. Auto accidents can include car, motorcycle, bike, Uber, Lyft, and pedestrian crashes.

When searching for the best lawyer to hire, get specific. Look for a lawyer who has hands-on experience handling cases like yours.

First, find a personal injury lawyer who specializes in auto accidents. Then, determine what type of crashes they handle. If you were in a crash that involved an Uber driver, look for a lawyer with relevant experience.

Finding a lawyer with relevant experience can give you peace of mind. They’ll understand the laws and procedures relevant to your situation.

If a personal injury lawyer hasn’t handled cases like yours, they might make costly mistakes. There’s a chance they’re not up-to-date with relevant laws, either. They could fumble when handling your lawsuit.

Determine how long the lawyer has practiced law and how long they’ve specialized in cases like yours. 

Courtroom Experience

It’s not enough to find someone with experience, though. As you use these tips for hiring a lawyer, make sure they have courtroom experience, too.

Some lawyers are nervous about going to court. To avoid it, they might accept the first lowball offer you receive. These lawyers won’t have your best interests in mind.

Instead, make sure they’re confident in their ability to handle your case. 

3. Check Their Track Record

When learning how to find the best lawyer for your case, it’s important to find a winner.

Ask each lawyer on your list about their recent car accident cases. What was the outcome of each case? How much were they able to win for their clients?

Consider the lawyer’s overall track record versus their record in the past year. You might find the lawyer has grown over time. 

Finding someone capable of winning cases like yours can help you feel confident in the lawyer’s abilities.

4. Ask About Availability

Before hiring a lawyer, ask about their current caseload. How many cases are they juggling at the moment? If it’s one too many, they might hand your case off to someone else.

First, determine who will handle your case. Make sure it’s an experienced lawyer. 

Will they hand your case off to a junior lawyer instead? In that case, make sure a senior lawyer will supervise them every step of the way.

If the lawyer doesn’t have time to handle your case, they might let the statute of limitations lapse.

You might miss your opportunity to fight for compensation if that happens. 

5. Check Their Reputation

Every lawyer will try to convince you that they’re the best lawyer to hire. Don’t take their word for it. Instead, ask for references and reviews.

Try to speak with one of two of their recent car accident clients. Then, ask the client about their experience with the lawyer. Were they satisfied with the outcome of their case?

Check online for reviews, too. You can find reviews on the firm’s Google My Business and BBB profiles. 

6. Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a consultation appointment with two or three lawyers on your list. Then, discuss the specifics of your case. What outcome does the lawyer expect?

They should help you remain realistic moving forward. If they give you a guarantee, keep searching.

Bring any relevant documents to your appointment. Your lawyer can calculate your losses to give you an estimate. You could determine how much you might win from your claim. 

You can talk to Car Accident Lawyers about your case here.

7. Ask About Pricing

Before making your final choice, ask each lawyer about their pricing. For example, do they work on a contingency fee basis?

You might find it’s in your best interests to hire a lawyer who works based on this fee structure. These lawyers will only accept payment if they win your claim. Even then, they’ll only take a portion of your winnings.

Drive Toward Compensation: How to Find the Best Lawyer

Once you use these tips for hiring a lawyer, review your notes. Don’t make the final choice based on price. Instead, learn how to find the best lawyer for your case with these tips.

Searching for more informative guides? You came to the right place.

Explore our articles today for more helpful tips. 


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