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Building a Pool Membership Management System

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When it comes to the best solution for keeping track of members, people only have two options: checking them at the front desk or processing their membership applications.It is essential to mention that if you are managing a swimming pool in your apartment building or the neighborhood, you must primarily group the management systems into three categories:

  1. Paper Passes & A Logbook
    There’s no denying that the traditional method here is to send out yearly applications to homeowners or renters via mail. They respond to the emails with a list of names that’s been living there. This allows you to print out passes and distribute them before opening day. You can ask the front desk attendant to collect and return the passes when members enter the pool or leave.
    They could essentially consider maintaining a logbook for people that use the swimming pool from time to time. There’s no denying that labor costs are incredibly steep for processing applications by hand. It’s beyond the realms of possibility to suspend passes in the middle of the pool season. Moreover, people can’t essentially determine the actual number of people accessing the pool each day. Hence there’s no alternative but to trust the person holding the pass as the guy on the document.
  2. Standalone Computer System with Barcode System:
    To put it simply, it’s elementary to develop a database- as easy as filling out an Excel spread sheet. You could use stock member images or collect them by using a webcam. Furthermore, member passes come with barcodes, making them easy to access the facilities with a barcode scanner. While you can suspend members when necessary without any complication, you can track pool usage far more conveniently than a traditional paper log.
  3. Cloud-Based Membership Software
    It’s essential mentioning that options thrive, particularly for services that offer online membership management. They are typically suited to commercial facilities such as gyms. To put it simply, they provide features like a class schedule, member billing, team member timecards, and point-of-sale. Furthermore, offsite pool managers can even update member records via the internet. But it’s unsurprisingly expensive and demands internet connectivity at the pool.
    Hence it would be best if you considered Pool Pass since they are a low-cost cloud-based solution, which is the very swimming pool business software in addition to the standalone version. More and more people are finding it easy to manage the membership software by them. However, there’s no denying that employing a professional third party company to handle these tasks can save both time and headaches.
    If you are looking for a reliable, professional enterprise that can provide you with solutions for swimming pool business software, you could try to Paythepoolman online.


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