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Binance Banned Fake Guru Waqar Zaka on Blackmailing To List Scam Token Tenup

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A Pakistani self-claimed crypto guru & content writer – Waqar Zaka – who has been continually accused 0 of “stealing calls and content fabric” by means of way of foreign online cryptocurrency organizations The Walsh Wealth Group (WWG) and scamming his followers by way of the usage of charging them subscription expenses for his statistics is now banned by way of Binance on blackmailing to List his Scam Token. He commenced a propaganda advertising and marketing marketing campaign on his social media channels for Binance and created a FUD just so he can blackmail Binance to List his Token.

Binance has an easy announcement that It will by no means listing any token/coin having doubtful control. Waqar Zaka has become formerly worried about lots of scams such as OneCoin, OuiCoin, and masses more.

This Fake Crypto Guru from Pakistan is telling humans to shift their price variety out of Binance and go with the flow them too much less comfy exchanges like Okex or Kucoin, logically speaking it’s a miles-lousy recommendation as he can then suggest them to shop for his scam coins from the only’s exchanges. Okex doesn’t actually have a cell app registered with the play save for Android devices how can someone inform humans to accept it as proper with that extra than Binance it is simply pointless. The satisfactory advice for these days is not to observe humans blindly doesn’t depend on in the event that they’re a hit or not and in the event that they have joined crypto buying and selling some years before you. Anyone ought to make mistakes and that is a mistake permit Okex to develop first earlier than transferring your price variety to it.

Fake Guru Waqar Zaka

One User Raised some other query on social media that why they said, they’re doing a 1:1 Swap with Old Ten as lots as New Ten up while they technically improved their token supply from 27 million to two hundred Million New Tokens. So they’re centered on eight instances of extra new users to rip-off via TUP Token.

Waqar Zaka formerly released many cash and tokens to rip off people collectively with OuiCoin. This is something humorous, the best developer of OuiCoin is GrumpyDevelop, Andreev Maxim Olegovich is the man or woman at the back of the development who develops cash on fee and his Upwork profile isn’t that extremely good. The hobby on the supply code of OuiCoin is a form of lifeless. It is obvious that the coin has been developed via way of hiring a developer this is only 1 developer with the resource of paying just one hundred fifty$.

Waqar Zaka Scammed
Waqar Zaka Scammed

Waqar Zaka Scammer

Waqar Zaka Scammed humans online with 2 million bucks. This coin had no capability and application said even via their non-public internet site and there has been NO improvement team, only a bunch of employed social media posters and 1 developer. They scammed online clients with approx. Three million bucks. Waqar Zaka has formerly scammed human beings in making lots of coins and launching them which prices nothing these days.

Waqar Zaka’s fans are actually not happy for him in any respect. They have misplaced masses of greenbacks. Therefore, their mentor has become a person they understand they shouldn’t be given as authentic with anymore! They are expressing their anger and sadness constantly. Here are a number of the remarks from the institution which talk volumes approximately all these individuals’ gift country of thoughts.


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