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Best fingerless boxing gloves 2021

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Whether you’re well acquainted with boxing and mixed martial arts or you’re just considering taking up the sport, you’ll have noticed that not all gloves are alike. There are more variation and style of gloves each with its own purpose whether it’s a set of thick foam boxing gloves to pound a heavy punching bag or fingerless grappling gloves for a round in the octagon.

For an aspiring MMA fighter, grappling with an opponent to secure a submission requires the use of one’s fingers. Hence the need for fingerless gloves. These gloves come fully padded on the knuckles to protect your hands from injury and are a great tool for light bag work in the gym. 

Have a look at what we think are the best fingerless gloves for your kit bag:

Beginner Grappling Glove

Material: Maya Polyurethane Leather

Tech: EVA foam

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Colours: White/ Black

These flexible beginner grappling gloves are the perfect fit for anyone starting their combat sports journey. They’re crafted from ultra-light EVA foam, which is proven to outperform other foam, upping their resilience and shock absorption. The outer shell of these gloves is premium Maya synthetic leather, making them vegan friendly and easy to maintain. Overall, these boast a complete mix of protection and agility.

The ergonomically designed curved shape of these gloves is meant to follow the natural curvature of a fist, helping a fighter maintain the ideal hand position. This helps to take stress off the wrist and forearm, meaning all you have to think about is your moves.

Performance Quick Hand Wrap gloves


Tech: GEL padding, dry fit

Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Colours: Pink, Purple

These quick performance hand wraps are made with premium quality neoprene, making them a light and flexible choice. The GEL padded knuckles on these provide minimum bulk and maximum protection for your hands and wrists. This makes them super comfortable to wear underneath boxing gloves for a better fit. Alone, they are perfect for grappling sports and light bag work. The sweat wicking breathable palms on these mean comfort even during a long training session; if you’re wearing these inside boxing gloves, it prevents your gloves from getting eroded due to sweat.

The hook and loop closure provides a secure fit throughout your routine keeping your hands safe from unnecessary injuries. Aesthetically, the unique pink and purple color options stand out and help personalize your gear. Engage in all types of combat sports training with these versatile hand wraps.

How to check your gloves size

Ordering gloves online? You’ll want to make sure you’re getting the right size. The way to do this is to measure your palm width circumference by wrapping measuring tape around the widest point of your hand. For most people, this is just below your knuckles. Compare it to our size chart below to get the best fit possible:

Glove SizeHand Circumference
S17 – 18 cm
M18 – 22 cm
L22 – 25 cm
XL24 – 27 cm

For more MMA and boxing equipment that gives maximum performance without breaking the bank, browse here.


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