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How to use wine glass charms?

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Wine glass charms are also known as wine glass markers, and are often used at parties since they assist with following which glass is whose. Charms, dots, or a mix of both are attached to a wire ring that fits around the wine glass stem. 

These charms are like decorations, on an arm band, made to fit around the stems of your wine glasses. They provide different purposes. They can help round a theme, for example, a wedding shower or themed party, and keeping in mind that permits visitors to stay aware of their glass in the event that they put it down and leave. 

However long your visitor recollects which engage he had, he can undoubtedly tell his glass from another. The charms have gotten well known as a trinket or wedding favor. Many organizations will do custom etching or craftsmanship as determined by the client. 

In case you are having a wedding, consider getting visitors metal charms with their names cut on them. For gatherings, a flawless image of ringers, birds or other symbolism makes a great blessing for visitors to bring home. Most of the companies use wine glass charms with their logo or name on an assortment of metal completions.

How do you make wine glass charms?

There are a wide range of approaches to make wine glass charms and you can utilize practically any medium to make them, dots, paper rings, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


  • Fun icebreakers 
  • Office trick or impractical present 
  • Functions admirably on flimsy rimmed glasses 
  • As they join to the glass edge, thickness of wine glass stem doesn’t make any difference 
  • You can customize the swimsuit with a fine-tip Sharpie or Magic Marker


  • The activity figures probably won’t have the option to get a handle on thicker rimmed wine or martini glasses 
  • We wish more skin and hair shading tones were accessible on the internet (maybe they were unavailable?) 
  • Avoid pets and little kids (gagging risk)

Ways to store wine glass charms

We will in general reuse our charms here on the grounds that they get used by similar individuals again and again. We keep them in a kitchen cabinet with other alcohol or liquor related things like the container opener, brew cozies and wine bottle plugs. 

If you are worried about microbes, you could just throw or reuse the DIY wine charms beneath, as they are very minimal expense and genuinely recyclable.


You could make different things out of these and give them as presents. They are extraordinary for birthday events and Mother’s day. Or then again in the event that you get out of hand and make a ton of wine glass charms, you could add them to your Etsy postings. 

There are such countless topics to look over when making your wine charms, as you can suit them to specific events or even a party topic. They are really easy to make and very compelling so you may wind up with a set for each of special times of year.


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