7 Apps Built For Flutter Mobile App Development

flutter mobile app development

In this modern era, cross-platform development toolkits have entirely taken over the developer’s community globally. Some of the reasons why cross-platform flutter mobile app development frameworks are gaining popularity include:

  • Accesses reactive performance
  • Reusable blocks of UI
  • Code usability on multiple platforms

Flutter is an open-source and cross-platform mobile application development framework. It helps you in building local interfaces on Android and iOS both. Flutter fabricates applications with native look and feel too. And while talking about cross-platform, Flutter strikes first in any developer’s mind. Flutter mobile app development has taken the fate of future mobile technologies. And because of these functionalities, many new and reputed companies rely on Flutter for different requirements. Here are the top 7 apps that apply Flutter development.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a popular internet promoting platform that is helping customers to advertise their brand, efforts, services, product features, videos, and so on.You may also read Best laptop for seniors.

It is one of the Google apps built with Flutter that is brilliantly managed and planned in a way that engages clients to:

  • Manage the screen performance of the promotion
  • See status
  • Avail alerts and messages
  • Call the helpline
  • Get fitting feedback

Here, Flutter’s technical specialized skills help to advance the application. 


A popular name in the ecommerce market, Alibaba advanced its application with the Flutter technology. It enables its clients to buy items from global providers. Flutter is helping Alibaba’s developers at Alibaba by:

  • It’s immaculate UI/UX
  • Saves money on schedule and endeavors
  • Promotes simple upkeep

Flutter framework provides the incredible capacity to support substantial measured ecommerce transactions. So, Alibaba has equipped this functionality to maintain the expanding number of worldwide transactions in the same commercial center. 


The BMW Group builds up as a leading car application designer and supplier with Flutter engineering created 100% in-house. BMW is moving, pacing up the sales with the turn of events and rollout of- My BMW app built using Flutter. This is a vital interface among mobile phones and vehicles, which made its introduction in July 2020 itself.

To support the quick extension of the My BMW application’s content along with its high-speed rollout requires a versatile programming architecture. And Flutter mobile app development possesses this capability with all the ease. The BMW Group’s Flutter or the Dart development group is one of the world’s biggest after Google’s, capacity is an aggregate of 300 employees. The My BMW application can run on both iOS and Android frameworks, and one can download this app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Dream 11 

Dream11 is an India-based application built with Flutter that gained popularity quickly. It is an application that permits clients to form a dream group of players, select coordinates, and permits sports like cricket, hockey, kabaddi, football, and ball.

This application allows clients to make a nonexistent (dream) group of players and earn points according to the performance of significant parts in original matches.

Dream11 offers both freemium and paid challenges. The client has to pay a limited quantity of money to enroll and win money. This game is legal for individuals above 18years old.


This app provides the facility of observing and tracking the most recent data on more than 1600 worldwide digital forms of money, including:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ripple
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum

Cryptograph mobile application uses Flutter to offer continuous data as the exchange rate charts. This way, the company engages its clients to watch their required digital currency’s whole price movement history.

CryptoGraph mobile application helps clients track market shares related to the excess of 1600 worldwide digital forms of money. This Flutter-based mobile application showcases constant and updated information on the trade rates to empower clients to follow their ideal digital currency value developments. The CI instrument is powered to keep up with this dynamic application.


Tencents is one of the most significant try that work globally to offer digital items and services. It utilizes Flutter, not for one but rather for a few of its applications. It provides facilities like DingDang, Mr. Interpreter, AITeacher, QiDian, K12, and Now Live.

The principal objective of Tencent was to make a smooth and wonderful experience possible for every one of their clients, regardless of which item they interface with. Flutter made this possible. They assist their customers with work, traveling, studying, and various other day-by-day exercises. 

Developers use all the benefits of Flutter to help them with: 

  • Generate codes quicker
  • Coordinate better
  • Accomplish spectacular outcomes

They talk about almost everything explaining their processes in a YouTube video to make it easy for the audience to understand their services.

eBay Motors

This application offers a different approach to discover, purchase, and sell vehicles and trucks from mobile itself. In this application, vendors can post a photo of their license plate, and that’s all. The application does all the exhausting work and rounds out every detail concerning the vehicle.

To appeal to quick sales, clients are provided with the option of adding a one-minute video of their vehicle. eBay Motors adheres to flutter app templates, utilizes Machine Learning and personalized feed to auto-filter the photographs. Also, the application provides a customized feed and a simple-to-utilize interface with the help of Flutter.

Wrapping Up

Apart from these, there are various other apps made with Flutter. Experts believe that Flutter can make cutting-edge applications, and it also holds the advanced functionalities required for mobile application development. It promotes a consistent performance and also dispatches projects in the market that too in budget-friendly range.

Because of Flutter’s compatibility with different platforms, many reputed brands prefer Flutter for different industries like fashion, entertainment, fitness, etc. I guess this certainly gives you a reason to hire flutter mobile app developers for applying Flutter and its benefits to your company.

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