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Abacus: A Century-Old Tool that can Teach your Child Mathematics

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The knowledge of mathematics turns out to be a very useful thing in the daily lives of people. The learning of mathematics in the early years of growth in a child’s life equips them with the ability to solve problems and understand the nature of things more efficiently. On the other hand, mathematics is a subject that a lot of kids have a hard time with. Most kids don’t like doing mathematics or have difficulty understanding the procedures of mathematical calculation. If your kid is someone who has a lot of trouble understanding mathematics, looking for Abacus Maths tutors who can teach your children Abacus mental math will turn out to be very beneficial for them. 

What is Abacus?

According to Wikipedia

The Abacus also called a Counting Frame, is a Calculating Tool which has been used since ancient times.

And how is it beneficial for your child to learn mathematics? Well, Abacus is an ancient tool used for calculation. In other words, you can look at an Abacus as an ancient calculator that does not run on a chip but requires the user to use their brains. It is usually divided into two regions, the upper region known as heaven and the lower region known as the earth. The tool has several bars attached to it that have beads attached to them. 

But then again how is mastering the Abacus beneficial for them? Well, there are a lot of benefits in terms of learning mathematics through the use of the abacus. 

  • Better Ability to Concentrate: When your child will hold an actual Abacus in their hands and calculate mathematical problems such as addition, multiplication, division and subtraction, it will require their complete attention to solve the problems. Later on, when they have completely mastered the use of the abacus, they can easily solve mathematical problems through simple visualization of the Abacus in their minds. This will increase their concentration levels enabling them to easily focus on anything.
  • Better Visualization and Imagination: When your child is learning from the best Abacus Maths tutors who specialize in Abacus mental math, the visualization and imagination skills of your child will increase. Since your child has to visualize a virtual Abacus in their minds, it develops their brain in such a way that they are bound to have better visualization and imagination skills.
  • Memory Strengthening: A good Abacus Maths tutor will make your child go through number training where they have to memorize several images for solving problems. Abacus mathematics requires your child to frequently memorize things that are essential for solving mathematical problems, using their visual memory. Using visual memory for remembering things will strengthen the memory retention of your kids.
  • Improves Speed and Accuracy: Learning mathematics through the use of an abacus will increase the speed and accuracy of your child when it comes to mathematical calculation. It will benefit your child during the time of competitive examinations where time is usually of the essence. 

Why look for Abacus Maths tutors online, because there aren’t many places that teach Abacus mathematics and if you looked on the internet hard enough, you could easily find the best Abacus Maths tutors online. 


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