5 wedding dress preservation tips for brides

wedding gown preservation

Did anyone in your family recently had a wedding? Well, if the answer is yes, you probably know how buying a wedding gown bears heavily on the wallet. So, it would be a complete waste of money if you do not take care of the gown post the wedding event or do not opt for professional wedding gown preservation. The fact that such wedding gowns have a sentimental value in most women’s lives is what makes such gown preservation services all the more necessary.

However, there’s more to buying wedding dresses than simply getting them fitted and ready for the event. You should also plan the cleaning and preservation part. Many have their wedding gowns washed or cleaned at the local laundry and store it in a box. But that’s clearly not the way forward and should be avoided. Storing intricate and expensive dresses in a box at home can lead to damage and discoloration. So, here are a few tips for wedding gown preservation.

5 wedding dress preservation tips for newlyweds

  • Keeping it safe immediately after use: Immediately after using the gown, temporarily store it properly to avoid damaging the expensive gown. Wrap the attire in a white cotton fabric and place it inside a garment bag until you find a decent and reliable cleaning service for the gown. The process would keep the attire safe from accumulating dust and protect it from acquiring stains.
  • Consulting a cleaning expert: Is your wedding dress neatly kept at your place? Well, you should get the wedding gown cleaned within a month or two. Wedding gowns are intricately designed expensive attires that need careful cleaning, and thus reaching out to experts is the best solution. They use different techniques, light fabric-specific solutions that get rid of stains without actually damaging the dress, thereby prolonging its life.
  • Choosing a reliable wedding gown preservation company: Once you’ve had the wedding gown cleaned, it’s time to find a professional gown preservation company – one adept at keeping gowns safe from dust, staining, mold, oxidation spots, and creasing. You can ask them to store the gown in vacuum-sealed special boxes, to prevent oxidation, the prime cause of fabrics getting discolored.
  • Storing the gown in a cool, dark place: Storing wedding gowns in hot and humid places can wreak havoc on the delicate garment. So, always keep it in places where there’s low humidity and is devoid of direct sunlight. Avoid keeping it in the attic or in the basement, as such places are usually prone to getting hot or flooded. So, if you plan on keeping the gown in your home, we’d recommend keeping it under the bed or in a dry closet.
  • Checking the gown from time to time: Just because you’ve had your wedding gown preserved, doesn’t mean you’d keep it like that for years. Even the most professional wedding gown preservation companies would advise you to check it from time to time for damage and discoloration so that any problem can be immediately addressed and rectified.

Key takeaway

The process of gown cleaning was previously performed by ill-trained dry cleaning agents with outdated equipment. However, with the advancement in technology, as specialized equipment and technology evolved, more and more dedicated companies came to the forefront that specialized in proper upkeep of wedding gowns and more. This allows them to get rid of all organic and inorganic staining, even on a microscopic level.

In fact, some of the most renowned and professional wedding dress preservation services offer a prolonged guarantee against yellowing or staining of the dresses.

Before you make a big decision about one of the prime keepsakes from your wedding day, we’d urge you to take some time out and do some research.

Sending your cherished attire to a gown preservation company can be a bit unnerving. That’s why we recommend only the best! Connect with Trusted Wedding Gown Preservation for effective cleaning and safe preservation. They’ve been in business since 1913 and have over 3 million brides vouching for their services.

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