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A quick guide for those interested in creating a my Google business email

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Those who are still not aware of Google are probably living under the rocks. Indeed, Google has the highest number of users than any other platform. But, those who are business users should definitely know something more. Specifically, they should know about Google’s workspace. After all, there is a significant benefit of having a Google business email. The following abstracts throw more light on it.

To start with a my Google business email

Creating a Google business email is easy. Moreover, all that one needs to convert the present Gmail with its own domain for creating a professional email address. In fact, one can create distinct email addresses for each one in the team- like youraddress@gmail.com. Upon having a custom mail at the domain, one can certainly earn greater trust from the customers. At the same time, he/she can generate a list for group mail, as well.

Gmail for business has become quite essential for business groups operating online. However, the good news is that upon setting Google Workspace up, one can easily use business Gmail. In short, for those looking for Gmail for business, creating a Google Workspace account certainly is a better option. Undoubtedly, one can do gain great benefits upon having it in comparison to having a personal account. Interestingly, one can start with a free Google Workspace trial as well.  

Exploring handy features of Google Workspace

Google Workspace, basically, is Google’s variety of office productivity tools on the cloud. Along with various features, one can enjoy Google Hangouts, Drive, as well, as Meet Videos. In comparison, Google’s workspace is certainly one of the most cost-effective productivity tools.

Many people enquire about Google Workspace pricing. Rather, one can start with just $6 for each user per month. Above all, one can gain the following advantages through it.  

  • Firstly, one can have a Gmail account free of ads having domain name of the company.  
  • Next, one can gain ownership of the employee accounts.
  • At the same time, it provides 24×7 phone support, mail support, as well as chat support.
  • In terms of storage, one can gain unlimited Gmail, as well as Drive space.
  • In terms of security, it provides superior security features along with administrative control.
  • Additionally, there is a mobile device management feature available as well.

Apparently, the amount of features one can gain is much more than Google Workspace pricing. All in all, anyone with the intention of starting an online business must consider creating an account on it.


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